What does your caller experience when he/she calls your business? Is it a delightful experience, or does it send them running to your competition? These 5 tips should help make a great first impression and keep those calls ringing in!

  1. Keep the Rings Low: How many times does your phone ring before the call is answered? This is crucial! Too many rings may cause the caller to feel like they’re not top priority or worse – they hang up altogether.
  2. Answer with a Friendly Greeting: The way you answer the call is also a huge factor in giving off a great first impression. These are the first words your callers will hear so make them stand out! Also, SMILE. They can hear it in your voice and it makes a BIG difference in your tone.Top Vitrual Receptionist Customer Service, telephone receptionist companies, remote receptionist services
  3. Live Answer: Do your callers reach a voicemail? The dreaded Phone Tree? Eeek! Studies show 82% of callers will hang up if they don't reach a live person. Just throwing that out there.
  4. Matching their Pace: This can be tricky sometimes but it's very important. If you have a caller whose pace is a little slow, talking quickly can cause them to feel rushed and uneasy. Whereas a fast talker is more than likely in a hurry and would appreciate the speedy service. The key is to listen and truly focus on what your caller is needing. You can't help them if you don't know what they need!
  5. Enun-ci-a-tion: Make sure you're callers are not only able to understand you, but that you skip the slang. Check here www.actionsolar.net/. For example, try to use ?Going To? instead of ?Gonna?. ?Want To? instead of ?Wanna?. Pronouncing your words gives you a more professional tone and image.

Pitch of the Day: Our OmniCall Receptionists rock these 5 telephone tips on a daily basis because it's what they're trained to do. If you'd like to give your company the best customer service AND never miss another call, give US a call. We'd love to help you out. 888-797-8555