There are a lot of common questions that we get from clients about how our receptionists will handle difficult situations during calls. What better way to answer these questions than to let our receptionists give you their own personal tips and tricks!

The most common question we get is, ?How do your receptionists deal with an angry caller?? This is a big one! Not every caller is going to be in the best mood, but here are some tried and true methods our receptionists use to diffuse the situation and keep those customers happy.

Apologies Go A Long Way?

The best thing about someone who is upset is, they tend to let you know what is wrong. This is your chance to step in and empathize with that caller the best way that you can! A simple ?I?m sorry that happened, and I completely understand why you are upset.? This lets the caller know that you are listening and validating their feelings.

What Can You Do?

An angry caller does not need to know what you can't do to help them, but rather what you CAN do. Instead of saying, ?I can't give you that information? or ?I don't know? we use phrases like ?Let me see if I can connect you with the person who is able to best assist you?. This lets a caller know that even though you might not be able to help them, someone can!

Call Screening

Keeping Them Informed

Let the caller know what you’re going to do with their message. If the call doesn’t need to be connected directly to someone, let the caller know their message will be delivered, and won't just get thrown to the side. Our receptionists use transitions such as, ?I?m going to get your information to someone right away? or even ?I will be sure that Mr. Smith gets this message as soon as he is back in the office.? This lets the caller know that their message doesn’t stop with you and that you will be forwarding their concerns along to the appropriate person. This can really diffuse a tense situation into a pleasant one!

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