Maintaining your client base takes time and lots of patience. However, utilizing your own resources could help you boost your current relationships plus create new ones. Try implementing these 5 easy steps into your business routine and see if you notice a difference.


Keep up with the details

A CRM Program is your best friend when it comes to relationship-building. Use yours to keep up with every conversation, billing information, even the birthdays of your clients! You're sure to WOW them by 'remembering? everything you spoke about last.


Take it old school

It may take a little extra time but it is always worth it…A handwritten card. Your customer will forever appreciate the fact that you took the time to sit down and offer your condolences on the death of their mother. Seems insignificant, but it will make a world of difference.


Happy employees, happy clients

When you create a positive atmosphere for your employees, they are much more likely to exude that happy attitude while speaking with your customers. Lead by example and you'll foster a team of employees offering stellar customer service.


Do what you say, say what you mean

Do your best to keep your word and meet the deadlines you set in place. Reliability is so scarce these days; making yourself available and keeping your promises will set you apart immediately. When it comes down to it, your customers just want honesty.


Communication is Key

All the tips above are ultimately leading to good communication. Whether it's a phone call, an email, or setting up their account, clear communication should be your top priority.

Your customers want to like you, so show them why they should. Take the first initiative and develop the relationship as a lasting one. Our OmniCall Receptionists are a great way to build customer relationships; we give you the ability to always be available. Learn more.