Having a solid Client Relations Department for your business is essential for not only a professional image but to keep your clients happy and satisfied. Our Director of Client Relations, Karen, does a fantastic job leading her team and has 3 important tips when checking in with customers.

Check In Periodically. We check in on our clients at the 2 week mark, 30 day mark, 6 month mark, and at 1 year. It’s always important to make sure your clients are happy with your service/product and to let them know you care enough to call. Just a quick “Hey, how’s it going?” can go a long way.

Resolve Issues. Our team always likes to make sure our clients are in the correct usage of minutes, but with your business this would be a great time to evaluate how the service/product is working for your clients. If they do have complaints, be sure to direct them to the correct department and always follow up to ensure things were taken care of.

Ask For a Shout Out! If you have a customer who’s over-the-top excited about your company and service, never hesitate to ask for a testimonial. It’s always great to have recommendations to send future clients, and words of positivity are fantastic for your social media pages. We also offer our clients a $50 credit for any referrals they send our way. Now that’s a handy partnership!

Client Relations doesn’t have to be an entire department filled with multiple team members; one member of staff can be designated to call. And remember, always choose someone cheerful that will bring a smile to their face!