Why did you start your business? With any luck, it is because you found a passion and a love for what you do. However, owning a business can sometimes require that you do things that do not fall within your passions.

This is where outsourcing your phones can be very beneficial! Around the clock service may seem taxing and expensive, but that isn't always the case. So, how do you choose a Receptionist Service? What are some key things you should look for?


1. Hidden Fees:

Many receptionist services boast an affordable rate but forget to mention all the add-ons you will need. Rather than paying extra to have:

  • Messages delivered to you via text or email
  • A personalized Account
  • Appointment scheduling
  • And more

Instead, find a service that includes ALL of this in their base price. That way, you will know what you're getting without having to sort through the fine print. (And we promise, they do exist!)


2. Per Minute vs. Per Call Pricing:

There are two main pricing plans for receptionist services. You are either charged by the call or by the minute…but which is better? While per call pricing might seem more appealing initially, it can really add up when you consider that you will be charged the same amount for an automated recording as you are for calls that are actually making your money, regardless of how long they are on the line.

A per minute plan will only charge you for the minutes spent talking to your customers. Meaning it would take several of those automated recording calls to add up in minutes, to equal the same cost as a per-call price. Check out https://aercosystems.com for more info. Every minute billed to you is actual talk-time with human beings.

3. Personalized vs Generic Account:

Traditionally, receptionist services would answer every call the same and give the same information regardless of what type of call it is, but this is a very outdated approach. As an attorney, you wouldn't gather the same information than a HVAC company, or pet sitting service. These are all very different businesses and they require a different script. Find a service http://maidthisfranchise.com/ that allows you to build your account to fit your needs and wants. This way you can rest easy knowing that your receptionist is gathering exactly the information you need for every type of call.

While answering phone calls can sometimes seem like a tedious task, its vital to a thriving business. In a world that constantly focuses on instant gratification, the expectation for businesses is to always be available. Complaints of calling a business and not being able to speak to a real person is among the most popular reasons customers will switch to another business. Stop losing money and find yourself a receptionist service.

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