There are several receptionist services and answering services in the business world these days and they all charge in their own unique way. Ever wondered how our virtual receptionist pricing works? Let's take a look!


Per Minute

Once you've confirmed you'd like to sign up for our services, a Client Relations Rep will contact you to go over our custom pricing packages. We charge by the minute, so your rep will determine the amount of usage you will need and then place you into a base rate plan. Think of it like your cell phone bill!


Per Month

You will be billed monthly for our services. For example, a popular plan is our 200 Minute plan, which totals $300 per month. The only way you're paying more than $300 a month, is if you use more than your allotted minutes. But no need to fret; even then we only charge a 10? per minute overage rate. (If your per-minute rate is $1.40, it will be $1.50 per minute after 200 minutes.)


Simple Billing

Another benefit to our virtual receptionist pricing is the simplicity of it. You literally have one line item on your bill each month, unless you have overage. All of our features are included, free of charge. Text messaging, Daily Email Summaries, Connecting, and much more are all included in your monthly fee. We also only send 12 bills, compared to the 28-Day Cycle which totals 13 bills per year.


Finding the perfect Receptionist Service for your business is all about what works best for you. Our fully custom pricing packages make us a great candidate, if we say so ourselves. For more information or to submit a request for pricing, click here.