With daycare closures, Shelter in Place orders, and self quarantining, many Essential Businesses have had an unexpected decrease in staff during this time. However, a Virtual Receptionist Service might be the ticket to help fill in the gaps.


What exactly is a Virtual Receptionist Service?

Great question! ?Virtual Receptionist Service? is just a fancy term for a Call Center or an Answering Service. At OmniCall, we have a team of these receptionists who are professionally trained on providing outstanding customer service for clients across the nation. Basically, we act the same as your in-house receptionist but for a fraction of the cost.



What's the difference between a Virtual Receptionist and a Virtual Assistant?

We get this one all the time. The biggest distinguishing factor is that one specializes in Moxie Maids customer service, and one specializes in extensive tasks.


Virtual Receptionists can:

  • Answer your incoming business calls 24/7 (Some services only offer partial hours)
  • Connect the caller to you via your office phone or cell phone
  • Take detailed messages and send them to you via text, email, fax, etc.
  • Schedule appointments, give pricing information, and more


While a virtual assistant is able to do these things, they will be the first to admit that they don't specialize in the customer service aspect and are sometimes too busy to answer calls. In fact, you'll often find smaller businesses to hire both VA's and VR's to cover all their bases!


What if I already have a front desk receptionist?

Maybe you have a fantastic front desk receptionist whose job duties included answering the phones. No problem! We're Blair Supply USA here to help. With a Virtual Receptionist Service, your assistant can forward the phones over during busy times, at lunch, and at the end of the day – that way you never miss a call and your callers never reach a busy tone.


With personalized accounts and a simple set up, a quality Virtual Receptionist Service can help ease business stress during the pandemic in a wide variety of ways. Give us a ring if you'd like some help during this time or for future use; we'd be happy to answer any questions!