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Back in 1989, the concept of a personalized virtual receptionist service was not as common as today, but it was a growing business need even at that time.

Sensing the problems faced by expanding businesses in their hometown of Carrollton, GA, Wayne and Patty Payne founded OmniCall: a live receptionist service with a goal of offering a 24/7 live call answering service that can replace a traditional in-house telephone receptionist.

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Since answering that first call over 30 years ago, OmniCall has evolved from a small-town company into one of the leading virtual receptionist services Nationwide. Our team now consists of an abundance of professional and friendly receptionists who are all expertly trained to provide exceptional on-call customer service.

remote receptionist service founder, virtual receptionist owner

Wayne Payne

CEO, Owner

call receptionist company owner, virtual receptionist cfo, live call answering creator

Patty Payne

CFO, Owner

virtual receptionist company vice president, live call answering business VP

Adam Wilkins

VP of Operations

virtual phone services marketing director, virtual receptionist marketing

Emily Wilkins

Admin + Marketing Director



OmniCall Receptionists are trained for adaptability. Once we start working with you, we become an integral part of your company.

For over 30 years, we have helped thousands of business to grow, expand, and increase their bottom line. Our live call answering service is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to the in-house telephone receptionist in the form of virtual phone service. With us, you can truly experience an increase in your cash flow.

Already have an in-house receptionist? No problem! We can be your back up.


Our vision is to keep our clients and their customers happy by offering exceptional customer service. We strive to offer the best possible customer experience to callers in the increasingly technology-focused world.


Our goal is to offer uninterrupted and quick access to callers, to save time and to offer a helping hand to companies for conducting business with ease. OmniCall’s mission is to ensure the social and economic growth of our clients.

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30+ Years Experience

OmniCall believes in providing excellent experiences to callers by offering on-call service that goes above and beyond the expectations. We believe that every day, we have an opportunity to leave an everlasting impression on thousands of new callers.

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OmniCall offers exactly what a growing business needs! A cost-effective virtual phone service with friendly, energetic and personalized voices to manage calls.
As one of the pioneers in the live call answering service industry, we have set the highest standards and values for our competitors to follow. With our service, a business can now answer and manage calls 24/7 without any delay for a very affordable price.