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Live Phone Answering Services for Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property lawyers won't miss any more incoming calls with our live call answering services. With our professional team of virtual receptionists, you'll have more time to succeed in the vast field of intellectual property law.

Live Receptionist Answering Services to Help You Accept More Incoming Calls

Intellectual property lawyers like yourself are extremely busy filing patent and trademark applications for clients. Moreover, defending a client's trademark takes plenty of time and energy out of your day, and you don't need the possibility of missing a phone call from a new client stress you out.

You'll leave a lasting impression on your clients with our help. Missing calls from clients after business hours won't happen, and you'll make your reputation stronger to both current and potential clients needing intellectual property protection from you.

Types of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property describes copyrighted works that have commercial and monetary value. Logos, slogans, books, movies, and packaging qualify as intellectual property. Furthermore, people buy, sell, and even lease out intellectual property.??There are several types of intellectual property, each with distinct properties and characteristics.


A patent is a government-guaranteed right to prevent other individuals from selling an invention. To acquire a patent, you must provide personal information to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Once the patent's approved, the patent is valid for 20 years if the patent was filed after June 8, 1995.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets, as the name implies, refers to information, practices, designs, and instruments not known to the general public. An example of a trade secret is the formula to make Coke beverages. Trade secrets also protect against any type of trade secret theft or dissemination.


A trademark is any word or symbol representing products, goods, and services of companies and other entities. Trademarks let the public know a product came from the same source and has consistent quality. Unlike patents, trademarks have no termination date as long as they're being used currently.


The U.S. Constitution grants a creator of an original work protection rights and applies to published and unpublished works. The works can include musical works, books, movies, paintings, songs, software, and much more.

Most Important Traits of an Intellectual Property Lawyer

IP lawyers typically come from a technical or scientific background (biology, physics, engineering, etc.) and have at least 2-3 years of experience working in the field. It's far from being an ?easy? job as many would claim, and the cream of the crop need to possess the following characteristics to succeed:

Thorough preparation

Like anything else in life, hard work and preparation go a long way. Our virtual receptionists are prepared and equipped to communicate with any caller, just like how you painstakingly review each IP case detail.

Strong client bond

Great intellectual property lawyers treat each client individually and assess situation objectively. Even if their reputation is on the line, the best intellectual property lawyers always act in the client's best interest.

Excellent communication

The best IP lawyers constantly talk with their clients and return their phone calls as soon as possible, even if they missed a call. They regularly inform their clients about the best steps to take after doing lots of prior research during each call.

Trust and integrity

Excellent IP lawyers possess an ability to inform and enlighten each client about every part of their niche. They want to actively improve the IP laws and uphold the honor of the legal profession as a whole.

How Do We Make Your Life as an Intellectual Property Lawyer Better?

Intellectual property law is a field where you have lots of freedom to brainstorm and work with large companies needing copyright protection and IP licensing. It's quite exciting, but you also have a heavy workload and high levels of stress. There are times where you'll work through the night helping your clients, and it's not always possible to answer every incoming call.

At OmniCall Receptionist, our virtual receptionists will accept incoming calls and redirect them to the right place, even after business hours. We'll reduce your stress and make the client's life easier too.

Other Benefits of Using OmniCall Virtual Receptionist Services

Professional, Knowledgeable Client Communication

Sometimes it's hard for human beings to stay put and pay attention to the other person. That's not a problem with any of our virtual receptionists. All our virtual receptionists have a way of communicating verbally and using strong vocabulary and grammar to give calls the impression of expertise and class. When we speak to your customers, we provide them with respect they deserve as they're resolving their intellectual property issues.

Your Intellectual Property Clients Will Contact You Easier

There are often new developments in intellectual property law cases where current clients will need to contact you as soon as possible. Your clients will need to know about the most updated details about their case. Instead of wasting time and money on in-house answering services, you can save a lot of money by using our virtual receptionist answering, so these calls are routed directly to you if you don't have time to accept them right away. Your client will have a greater peace of mind knowing that you've received their incoming call and will be available to help them soon.

We'll Act as Your Legal Intake Receptionist

Intellectual property law attorneys need to be able to devote attention to each business client. There are lots of complexities involved with IP law and making a mistake can result in serious consequences for your client. A lot is riding on you to carry out the job properly. Our virtual receptionists will talk to your clients and reassure them they're in safe hands.

Excellent Appointment Scheduling You Won't Find Anywhere

When your clients need to schedule an appointment at your intellectual property law firm, they will speak to virtual receptionists who will ask the most important questions about the facts of the cases. Depending on your hours of operation, we will work within your allotted time to schedule your clients for the days and hours you are available. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated on changes and cancellations from the client.

Clients Will Feel Comfortable Knowing You'll Call Them Back

Threats coming from copyright and trade secret thieves put your clients at risk, so it's paramount to take their calls as soon as possible. Not answering their calls promptly creates more uncertainty, and leaves a sour impression on the client. With OmniCall, there's no need to worry about this problem as we're available 24/7 to answer calls even outside business hours.

Live Call Answering Plan Costs

OmniCall has three different types of plans to help you and your IP law firm. We have plans that cost as little as $155 a month, and each plan comes with 24/7 technical support. The rates are flat meaning that you pay the same amount per month. Learn more about our plans and see which one is right for you.

Get the Tools You Need to Never Miss Calls from Your Clients Again

Our plans are inexpensive and cost-effective, and we'd like to get in touch with you about what we can do your IP law firm. You can try our services for free before committing to a plan which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.