Property Management

Property Management Answering Services

Property managers for apartment complexes and other properties can use our virtual receptionist services for more efficient call handling as opposed to hiring in-house. We'll handle phone calls from tenants in the best way that we can for you!

Virtual Answering Services for Property Managers From OmniCall

Is your staff growing tired of going through a bunch of voicemails from tenants who couldn't talk to a real person in time? Maybe there was an important emergency that was missed like water leaking or an infestation taking place in the apartment or commercial property. Whatever the case may be, your property management staff will be greatly helped by our virtual receptionist services.

You don't have to spend much money to have our team handle tenant calls. Compared to hiring a team of in-house receptionist staff, our services are much cheaper and affordable and offer just as many benefits if not more. We'll make sure every tenant is routed to an appropriate person and help answer calls even when your office closes.

Tenants and Renters Want to Speak With a Real Person

Tenants and renters expect to speak with a real person. They'll feel alienated if their calls aren't answered promptly by a friendly customer service representative. The worst-case scenario is having the call routed straight to voicemail, causing more agony and frustration for the tenant or renter. That's why OmniCall's team of professional, trained virtual receptionists are here to help. We can make the process of talking to tenants and renters easier. Here are several facts to consider when shopping around for a qualified team of virtual receptionists to help you:

Up to 50% of incoming calls from tenants and renters go unanswered during business hours

Dissatisfaction with property management staff can cause high resident turnover

70-80% of tenants won't leave a voicemail, so you won't have time to follow up with them at all

When take all these facts into consideration, getting a virtual receptionist team by your side will be one of the best decisions you can make. Without our help, you'll miss opportunities to serve your tenants better, especially when call to report any problems they're experiencing. Want more reasons to get our virtual receptionist team to help you improve the customer service at your apartment community? Continue reading as we'll show you more convincing reasons to make OmniCall your valued partner.

How Our Process Works for Property Managers

Our team of virtual receptionists have the skills and experience to provide a quality experience for your tenants. When it comes to quick, prompt virtual receptionists services, it's difficult to find another virtual receptionist company as committed as OmniCall Receptionist to providing excellent service at affordable, low prices.

New Phone Number

We'll generate a new phone number specifically to accept incoming calls from tenants.

We Answer Incoming Calls

Our team of virtual receptionists will accepts calls made to your phone number. If you're unavailable or it's after business hours, then we'll forward the calls to the appropriate place with your supervision.

Calls Are Forwarded

After we accept an incoming call and have helped the tenant, we'll write down their details and information and forward them to you.

Leave a Wonderful First Impression on Your Tenants

To maximize your opportunity to help you attract more renters to your property, our services will help you do more for less. We're available 24/7, and our virtual receptionist services cost as low as $155 a month. With OmniCall, you'll increase your advantages as an insurance agent and will have full confidence in us. We help insurance agents in several ways, including:

Emergency Message Handling

By working with us, you'll have the opportunity to let us know about your requirements for classifying a call as high priority or an emergency. Our virtual receptionists will know exactly when to request emergency help or immediately reach out to one of your staff with details regarding the call. Top priority calls are handled with utmost care and swiftness.

Simple Call Forwarding

When your tenants call your property management office after hours, their calls are forwarded to our 24/7 virtual receptionist team. They'll answer phone calls the same way an in-house receptionist would. You get complete control with how often you'd like phone calls to be forwarded to our team. We can handle calls during and after business hours so you'll never miss another call again.

Our Virtual Receptionists Are Easily Trained

If you were to go with an in-house receptionist instead, you'd need to get them up to speed on your policies for interacting with tenants. Our virtual receptionists can learn about your property quickly and provide the same level of quality service for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house. You'll have more time and resources to focus to keep the community safe, clean and livable for tenants and increase the chances of new renters moving in.

Fantastic Customer Service

Our virtual receptionist team will learn about your business hours, address, location information, and employee extension numbers. When clients call your office, our virtual receptionists will be prepared to answer any basic question with ease. There's no need to spend a fortune on a whole in-house team or spend much of your day answering frequently asked questions when you have a qualified virtual receptionist team to help you any time of the day.

Quick Appointment Scheduling

When your tenants need to schedule a meeting at your office, they will speak to virtual receptionists who understand how to use various scheduling tools and programs. Scheduling appointments with tenants to have their problems fixed is quick, efficient, and simple. You provide us your hours of operation, and we'll work within your schedule. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated on changes and cancellations from the tenant.

Increase Property Retention Rates with OmniCall!

OmniCall Receptionist provides exceptional customer service for dozens of property managers. We've saved many of our clients money with our affordable plans starting at $155 a month. Try us for 30 days, and if you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll give you a refund no questions asked!