Take a Virtual Call Center Tour and Watch Our Live Call Answering Specialists In Action!

Have you ever wondered about what a virtual call center exactly looks like? We invite you to take a journey and take a peek at the building where our wonderful virtual receptionists work their magic in the following video. It will feel just like being there in person, and you’ll get to see everything from the lobby to the conference room. Without further ado, let’s get started! Watch the video below.

Virtual Call Center Receptionist Lobby

You’ll first enter the building and talk to the front desk representative. We have lots of comfy chairs for you. You can also watch television if you’d like while waiting, and from your view, you’ll also have a view of our hard-working virtual receptionists.

Call Studio for Live Call Answering Employees

Now you get to see the call studio where our virtual receptionist representatives do their work. It’s very spacious and filled with special call equipment so our employees can perform at their absolute best! We also have desktops and ergonomic chairs available the virtual receptionists to handle the live calls.

Ergonomic Task Chairs

The workstations as you can see below are also stunning. There’s more than enough room for workers to get organized and not feel cramped.

Check Out Our Manager’s Station

This is where our managers come in and oversee much of the call center operations here at OmniCall. Like the rest of our employees, they give it their all each day when they come to work.

An IT Server Room to Keep Our Operations Going

We always like to be prepared, and that’s why we have an extensive IT Server room which houses our computer servers. We use external virtual call center software to help control the temperature and other conditions of the room to prevent our systems from a shutdown, letting us do our jobs without worrying about the servers going down and interrupting your service.

call studio sound panels

Indirect Lighting & Sound Panels

The productivity of our virtual receptionists is even influenced by the physical environment around them. We don’t want our employees to get distracted, so we’ve installed indirect lighting and sound panels to minimize distractions. It’s important for the workplace to have even lighting, and our sound panels also add a beautiful aesthetic to all the rooms.

telephone receptionist break room

Full Kitchen & Break Room

Our telephone receptionists are still human at the end of the day. They need food and leisure, and we’ve provided a full kitchen and break room so they can have fun and relax after they’ve done their jobs. Happy receptionists mean more satisfied clients and customers.

live call answering conference room

Conference Room

This is where we have all our meetings, discussions, and events. It takes a lot of strategy and execution to run a successful virtual receptionist company, but we manage to make it work consistently out of this room. Now you have a good idea of where we make all our important decisions.

Wow! What a fun tour we had together.

We hope you enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about how we work diligently to provide the best customer service possible here at OmniCall. Now that you’ve had a chance to check out our building and offices, feel free to explore the rest of the website and learn more about our virtual receptionist services. If you decide to become a customer, we’ll see you there.

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