Medical Answering Services for Dentists

If you're having issues keeping up with all the incoming calls you're receiving at your dental practice, then it's time to consider purchasing a virtual receptionist plan.

Live Receptionist Answering Services to Help You Accept More Incoming Calls

Making a great first impression on your patients is key for having long-term success and a good reputation everyone will smile about. There are many times where you and your dental staff may not have enough time to answer every call. That's where OmniCall Receptionist can help you fill in the gaps and help you stop missing important dental patient calls. At OmniCall, we are here to help professionals from various industries with excellent personalized live answering services, especially dentists. Much of the time, your staff already has enough work to complete with providing care for your dental patients. After all, there are so many issues dental patients have like gingivitis, periodontists, tooth decay, dry mouth, and much more. The last thing you need on your plate is having to worry about missing a phone call from a dental patient who really needs your help.

Types of Dental Specialists We Help

Most people think of the family dental office they visit for their teeth cleanings and annual checkups when other types of dentists focus on different specialties. This is a short list of some of the different kinds of dentists we help and what they do. If they run a dental practice that takes incoming calls, OmniCall Receptionist will be able to address their needs.

General Dentists

These are the dentists who give patients regular checkups on their teeth and look after their oral health. They primarily focus on preventative care and watch out for signs of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and similar conditions.


Periodontists focus mostly on preventing, treating, and diagnosing ailments of the gums. They install dental implants and treat all kinds of gum inflammation.


Prosthodontists take care of missing or broken teeth with the help of oral prostheses. The prostheses replace missing dentures, bridges, and crowns.


Endodontists specialize in treating conditions of the inner part of a patient's teeth. The pulp is a sensitive area in the teeth that can get infected and damaged through injuries.
Having patients and their messages sent to a voicemail inbox is a frustrating experience. These dental issues need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent further complications, hence the reason for responding to incoming calls quickly.

Why Use OmniCall for Your Dental Practice?

All the most important, high-priority calls will be answered promptly by our kind, courteous team of virtual receptionists. You'll stop missing lots of missed calls and see your dental practice grow too! Each call will also be treated confidentially, so your patients can rest easy knowing their most personal information is in the right hands. ?It's important that as a dentist, you're informed about how our virtual receptionist answering services work.

We handle your phone lines for you when you're away for a business meeting or because of after hours.

Your patients will call your number, and we provide customized answer phrases.

The calls are transferred to the right receptionist, and they can also follow up with the patient's dentist if needed.

What Do Our Services Come With?

OmniCall's live call answering services for dentists comes with a lot of helpful features that will make your life easier.


24/7 Live Call Answering


Live Interaction with Patients


Electronic Record Integration


Provide Dental Information


HIPAA Compliant


Efficient Message Routing


Patient Information


Emergency Message Handling

How Does This All Help Your Dental Practice?

We understand you're a highly busy dental professional trying to provide the best medical care for your patients and their teeth. That's why we want to fully explain how our services can help grow your dental office.

Flexibility in Answering Incoming Calls

Since our representatives can perform under pressure, they can step in and handle afternoon calls for you. Often, the afternoon is where you'll encounter the highest call volume, and this can be a significant strain on your dental team.

Treating Every Dental Patient Like a Human Being

We don't use any automated gimmicks here at OmniCall. It's the personal touch our live call answering specialists give to every incoming caller that makes the biggest difference. Your dental patients won't get frustrated because they know they're talking to real people, and not pre-recorded answering machines.

Multilingual Receptionists

We have a special team of multilingual receptionists who can speak to patients in Spanish if they need help. You don't want your patients waiting a long time because there's no one available who can speak their native language.

Asking Important Questions

We make sure our virtual receptionists answer calls promptly and ask patients for their date of birth, contacts, current dentist, and a summary of their dental issues. It's important to get all this information down the first time for more efficient record keeping.

Let's Talk If You're Convinced

Our virtual receptionist plans for dentists cost as little as $155 a month. With every plan, our virtual receptionists will provide high-class customer service. If you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, we'll give your money back no questions asked. Thanks for choosing OmniCall Receptionist!