Virtual Answering Services for Nursing Clinics

Are you currently experiencing high call volumes and don't know what to do to keep up? OmniCall Receptionist has everything you need to take charge at your nurse-led clinics. Our team of virtual receptionists save you time and money, allowing you to focus on running your clinic well.

Provide Your Patients with the Best Customer Service with OmniCall!

It's your duty as a nurse to provide patients with the best care possible. You're busy looking after your patients, reviewing lab work, and treating wounds and incisions. Working up to 12 hours a day means you may not always have time to speak with every patient who calls your clinic. When there are many missed calls and no one is available to answer them, patients will get worried and anxious. When it comes to serious matters like health and medical diagnoses, the patient can't wait for too long or put up with an answering machine.

What can be done to stop this problem from happening at your nurse-led clinic? OmniCall Receptionist's virtual receptionist services for nursing clinics will heighten your ability to reassure your patients their calls will be addressed quickly. They will have much greater confidence in your clinic and continue to entrust you with their care. Learn about all the ways we're improving the lives of nurses with our virtual receptionist services.

?Attributes of a Great Nurse

Being a nurse requires many desirable attributes and traits. A great nurse must be able to do all they can to provide quality service for patients and communicate with their families. They also need to be prompt with their speaking and listening skills and possess a strong follow up. Some of the most important characteristics all excellent nurses have are:


Nurses must be able to understand what their patients are going through and offer comfort in times of need. They're able to look at things from the perspective of the patient and help them persevere through tough times. Much of the time, a nurse is the one thing a patient will have to be optimistic about.

Strong Attention to Detail

There should be no chances taken in the nursing field. Nurses must be able to thoroughly review a patient's medical history and symptoms to determine the proper course of action for caring for them. One wrong mistake can potentially lead to disastrous, catastrophic results for the patient.

Prompt Response Time

When there's an emergency, a nurse must be able to spring into action and get as much done as possible. There's no time to waste when dealing with ER patients. There must be a fast process in responding to families and giving them exactly the right information.

Interpersonal Skills

Nurses act as the intermediary between the doctor and patient. They must know how to work well with other staff and provide a friendly demeanor when speaking to patients. Doctors will be held accountable because of the actions of hospital nurses and vice versa.

Solid Communication

For any career, possessing strong communication skills is a requirement. In the nursing field, great communication skills will make a drastic difference in how the patients and their families are treated. Excellent communication from nurses also makes the jobs of doctors easier as they will have a better idea of what's going on.


Nurses are required to work long hours, especially on weekends and overnight hours. Their working hours can be as high as 12 hours a week! With hectic schedules like this, the most successful nurses will be masters of time management. They must figure out how to continue to perform well at the job while still finding the time to spend with family and friends.

Challenges of Being a Nurse

Becoming a nurse is far from easy. It usually takes four years of longer to become a registered nurse and the education and commitment involved is highly stressful. Once a nurse has found a job, they are thrusted into an environment where lots of multi-tasking is needed to keep up with the volume of patients who seek medical attention. There are also long workdays and situations where they need to break bad news to the family of a terminally ill patient. Even clocking into work 1 minute late could get a nurse written up. The main driver that keeps successful nurses is going is knowing that their work is helping to make a difference in a patient's life.

On top of all of these pressures, missing phone calls from patients and others needing medical assistance only compounds the stress a nurse feels daily. OmniCall's virtual receptionists are trained to respond to a patient over the phone with the same kindness, empathy, and attention and then forward the call to the appropriate department.

How Does OmniCall Reduce Stress for Nurses?

There are several ways we keep nurses more focused on providing the best service possible for their patients. Each of our virtual receptionists are trained to:

Treating Every Client with Respect and Understanding

We treat every client and loved one with the respect they deserve. Our virtual receptionists have the skills and training to help nursing clinic patients feel reassured they'll be speaking to someone qualified and well-equipped to help them soon.

Actively Reduce Hold Times

Patients don’t need to wait a long time to get the medical attention they need. They need to speak to someone at once. Unfortunately, nurse-led clinics are sometimes swamped and overloaded by many clients calling at the same time. With OmniCall, however, we're here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and let you know when someone needs urgent help and cut holding times for patients.

Flexibility in Answering Incoming Calls

Since our representatives can perform under pressure, they can step in and manage your phones even during after-hours. Often, the afternoon is where you'll encounter the highest call volume. Your practice shouldn't be limited to accepting calls from distressed families only during business hours, and with our flexibility, your practice can stay on top of meeting their needs anytime.

Asking Important Questions

We make sure our virtual receptionists answer calls promptly and ask clients for specific details about the patient's medical history and symptoms. It's important to get all this information down the first time for more efficient, confidential record keeping.

How Does It All Work?

Using our virtual receptionist services for nurses is easy! Our team of virtual receptionists can screen calls and capture important information to forward to the appropriate department at your clinic. Other features of using OmniCall for your nurse-led clinic include:

? We handle your phone lines for you when you're away for a business meeting or because of after hours.
? Clients will call your number, and we will follow your specifications as to how you want each call handled.
? The calls are transferred to the right receptionist, and they can also handle the follow-up process with the nurse and patient.
? Our virtual receptionists will complete the training necessary to begin accepting calls from your patients.

Do More with Less and Try OmniCall Today!

Our virtual receptionist plans for nurses cost as little as $155 a month. With every plan, our virtual receptionists will provide high-class customer service. If you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, we'll give your money back no questions asked. Thanks for choosing OmniCall Receptionist!