Investment Firms

Live Call Answering for Investment Financial Advisors

Looking to help more people with their finances and investments, but don't have time to accept the higher call volumes associated with a growing business? OmniCall Receptionist has virtual investment firm answering services to make your business more productive!

OmniCall's Virtual Receptionist Services for Investment Firms

Your investment firm is trusted with managing the securities and investments from clients. It is the job of the investment advisors to offer the best advice for investing in mutual bonds, stocks, bonds, and other high-yield assets. Clients need someone dependable and reliable they can speak to whenever they have a question about portfolios, investment strategies, and the market.

Answering calls from your clients in time is critical for sustaining business and growth. Missed calls could be costing your investment firm thousands of dollars in lost revenue and sales. Current customers can be alienated because they aren't able to speak to a real person quickly, while potential clients become suspicious and doubt the trustworthiness of your firm. In both cases, the likelihood of them taking their business elsewhere is high. You miss out on referral opportunities and have a tarnished reputation and PR nightmare on your hands now. What can you do to take action and save money? Turn to OmniCall and our team of virtual receptionists, and you'll get everything you need to accept more incoming calls, generate new business, and improve your business image!

Missed Calls and the Impact on Your Business

Why do many businesses struggle with missed calls from the start? Some of the reasons why your investment firm might not always accept every incoming call might be because:

  • The phone call was made after hours.
  • The technology might not be available to handle higher call volumes.
  • There's not enough in-house staff to handle and accept every incoming call.
  • The appointment scheduling infrastructure currently in place isn't large enough to accommodate every incoming call.

Missing a call for any reason means a loss of business and more frustration for customers who don't want to put up with an automated voicemail messaging system.

With OmniCall, you'll never have to worry about missing calls and not having enough staff to promptly respond back to the clients. Our virtual receptionists have the experience to address the needs of your customers and redirect their calls to the right places.

Why Investment Firms Need OmniCall?

Investment firms need virtual investment answering services from OmniCall to help make the following tasks simpler:


Scheduling appointments


Setting up client reminders


Sustaining professional client interactions


Forwarding messages

We'll act as your in-house receptionist office staff, except we're much cheaper and give you more for less and keep people interested in doing business at your firm!

How We Can Help You

We can help you by providing 24-hour investment answering services on your behalf. We work directly with you to make sure the calls are answered in the way you'd like. Our team of skilled virtual receptionists can:

Examine Your Industry's Terminology Closely

If you want to have a successful investment firm ready to accept many calls, you need a strong image and reputation to maintain recurring business. First impressions mean a lot to the clients, and with our help, we're able to speak to them in a personable way to keep them coming back for more while learning your industry's lingo and terms. They'll speak highly of your business and recommend it to their family, friends, and acquaintances.

We Provide Excellent Communication Skills

Sometimes it's hard for human beings to stay put and pay attention to the other person. That's not a problem with any of our virtual receptionists. All our virtual receptionists have a way of communicating verbally and using strong vocabulary and grammar to give calls the impression of expertise and class. When we speak to your customers, we provide them with respect they deserve and we also never talk down to them.

It Doesn't Take Long to Schedule an Appointment

When your clients need to schedule an appointment at your banking organization, they will speak to virtual receptionists who understand how to use various scheduling tools and programs. With their knowledge of how these tools work, they can score more confirmed appointments for your company. Depending on your hours of operation, we will work within your allotted time to schedule your clients for the days and hours you are available. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated on changes and cancellations from the client.

What Are the Benefits?

Investment firms benefit from our 24/7 investment answering services in many ways.

More Room and Time to Grow Your Investment Firm

Forget about spending a fortune on in-house receptionists. We can provide a much better deal at a lower cost, with as much professionalism and skill. We are here 24/7 to serve your needs.

Automatic Voicemail and Message Records

You will able to see every detail of the phone conversations and what was discussed. Keeping track of these calls has never been easier!

Detailed Phone Screening

You never have to worry about your callers connecting with the wrong people at your bank. By relying on OmniCall for phone screening, clients will have the pleasure of speaking to kind, patient people who stay calm in any situation imaginable.

Stop Missing Incoming Calls

We champion our consistency in answering business hour calls. We believe it's important for a caller always to have access to a live person who can help them out. Bilingual virtual receptionists are also available for clients who may not readily understand English.

Try OmniCall Today and Start Growing Your Investment Firm

Our virtual receptionist plans for investment advisors cost as little as $155 a month. With every plan, our virtual receptionists will provide high-class customer service. If you're not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, we'll give your money back no questions asked. Thanks for choosing OmniCall Receptionist!