24/7 Live Call Answering for Bankers

OmniCall will help you provide better customer service for all your banking customers with our affordable virtual receptionist services.

Maintain Excellent Customer Service and Assistance for Your Clients With Us

If you currently own a bank or manage one, then we'd love to help you out. OmniCall understands how busy you are providing the most exceptional customer service for your banking clients. Whether you're explaining a new banking product feature to a new customer or examining sales forecasts, the challenge of running a bank and communicating effectively with both current and new customers remains the same.

Therefore, our team of professional virtual receptionists will help improve the lines of communication between you and your clients. No longer will you have to worry about incoming calls falling through the cracks because you were so busy or the calls were made after business hours. Best of all, it will be like having an in-house team of answering service specialists by your side, except much more affordable and convenient. Here's everything you need to know about what we can do to help you.

Are You Burned Out as a Bank Manager?

Bank managers and owners must be prepared to spend most of the day educating customers on the technology associated with banking products. There's also a lot of conference calls and staff meetings they must attend to keep the bank running smoothly. The most difficult part about the job is being able to forecast when the busiest time periods are. These are also the periods where your bank will receive the highest call volume.

The potential to miss important incoming calls is high during that period, and you may not have enough on-site resources to answer every call right away. The levels of stress you face working approximately 60 hours per week or more also make it much harder to keep track of every call you receive. If you can't take missing another call from a customer, you need to learn more about how virtual receptionist professionals at OmniCall can make your life much easier.

Once you've gotten your missed incoming call problem addressed, you'll have a lot more time for these activities:


Articulating your vision to the whole team


Delegating roles to your team


Finding better ways to market your bank's financial products


Educating your staff on the bank's working philosophy


More time to review banking reports

What Happens to Your Banking Customers When You Miss Their Calls?

Not responding to a banking client on the phone right away can be detrimental for your business. The worst-case scenario is having a banking customer switch to one of your competitors for the following reasons:


Long periods of wait times on the phone


Poor customer service from phone representatives


Callers having their messages routed to an automated voicemail


Unprofessional client interactions

If you've noticed a major drop in revenue for your bank and haven't been receiving as many customer calls lately, then it's time to consider having a team of professional virtual receptionists who can speak competently about your banking products.

Bankers Need OmniCall Receptionists for These Reasons

As virtual receptionist professionals, we love doing our homework with any client we provide services for. We will learn about your industry inside and out and come up with everything our receptionists will say to your customers, but let's examine further why you truly need us.

We'll Examine Your Industry's Terminology Closely

If you want to be successful in the banking world, your firm needs to project a qualified, professional image. Our virtual receptionists understand that financial professionals must speak to customers in a way that makes sense for the industry. The greatest challenge interacting with banking clients on the phone is making the right first impression on them, so they'll want to do business with you again. We will thoroughly learn all the terms you use as bankers and excel in talking with your clients in this manner.

It Doesn't Take Long to Schedule an Appointment

When your clients need to schedule an appointment at your banking organization, they will speak to virtual receptionists who understand how to use various scheduling tools and programs. With their knowledge of how these tools work, they can score more confirmed appointments for your company. Depending on your hours of operation, we will work within your allotted time to schedule your clients for the days and hours you are available. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated on changes and cancellations from the client.

We Provide Excellent Communication Skills

Sometimes it's hard for human beings to stay put and pay attention to the other person. That's not a problem with any of our virtual receptionists. All our virtual receptionists have a way of communicating verbally and using strong vocabulary and grammar to give calls the impression of expertise and class. When we speak to your customers, we provide them with respect they deserve and we also never talk down to them.

Tell Me What the Benefits Are

Sure! Your banking clients will receive the treatment they deserve with our virtual live call answering services.

More Room and Time to Grow Your Bank

Forget about spending a fortune on in-house receptionists. We can provide a much better deal at a lower cost, with as much professionalism and skill. We are here 24/7 to serve your needs.

Automatic Voicemail and Message Records

You will able to see every detail of the phone conversations and what was discussed. Keeping track of these calls has never been easier!

Detailed Phone Screening

You never have to worry about your callers connecting with the wrong people at your bank. By relying on OmniCall for phone screening, clients will have the pleasure of speaking to kind, patient people who stay calm in any situation imaginable.

Stop Missing Incoming Calls

We champion our consistency in answering business hour calls. We believe it's important for a caller always to have access to a live person who can help them out. Bilingual virtual receptionists are also available for clients who may not readily understand English.

Get the Confidence You Need to Grow Your Bank

With our highly affordable plans starting at $155 a month, you're on your way to receiving excellent virtual receptionist services for your bank. You can try us for free for 30 days, and if you're unhappy for any reason, we'll give you a refund no questions asked!