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Real Estate Development Answering Services

Growing weary of missing phone calls from the clients that matter most to you? Our virtual receptionist team at OmniCall functions just like in-house receptionists do, only they provide the same quality for a fraction of the price.

24/7 Real Estate Development Virtual Receptionist Professionals

Are you searching for an easier way to manage all the incoming calls you receive at your real estate development firm? OmniCall Receptionist has just what you need to become more productive. No longer will you miss phone calls from important clients you want to make a sale to. With OmniCall, you'll have more control over how your calls are forwarded. Your real estate development company will be best represented over the phone by our warm and friendly virtual receptionists.

They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, acting as your intake receptionist. During after hours, they are also available to accept phone calls from clients and others without the costs of hiring a full in-house team. With OmniCall, your time will be freed up to concentrate on getting more clients, marketing your listings, and assisting buyers and sellers. Check out some of the ways we help real estate development businesses boost productivity and reduce stress.

Real Estate Development Answering Services Make Your Clients Feel Comfortable

Your clients want to speak to a real person, not an answering machine. They'll become agitated if they're not able to communicate with someone right away. The bottom line is you're best off having someone available to accept phone calls even during closing hours. Why? Consider these facts:


75% of callers won't leave a voicemail message.


34% of callers won't call back after hanging up.


60% of callers who don't hear back will find another real estate development company to do business with.

Your company's reputation is on the line whenever callers aren't able to get a hold of someone quickly. Furthermore, it's easy to alienate your current clients if there isn't someone to accept phone calls promptly. Our friendly virtual receptionists will provide your clients with an unbelievable customer experience and stop incoming missed calls in the process.

Qualities of Great Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers need to have many traits to differentiate themselves from the competition. Without these traits, finding and keeping clients will be a much more arduous task.

Strong Relationships

The best real estate developers are people-oriented. They are skilled at developing strong relationships with an assortment of players from bankers to tenants. They help bring people from different professions and industries together for the common goal of building a successful real estate project.

Problem Solving

Real estate developers must use tremendous problem solving to overcome the obstacles that arise. They find solutions to deliver the real estate project on time and budget and realize that there's never only one solution to any one problem.

Risk Calculation

Part of being a competent real estate developer is in the ability to calculate and take risks. Often, the entirety of the project depends on the real estate developer. Each risk should be evaluated thoroughly to maximize mitigation when something goes wrong.


It takes time for a real estate development project to completely come into fruition. Real estate developers understand this fact and plan accordingly. There's a lot of steps in the real estate process from buying the property to dealing with zoning laws in the local area.

How Does Our Process Work?

Here's how we help our real estate development customers keep pace of all phone calls received. Your clients will be greeted by one of our personable virtual receptionists.

New Phone Number

We'll generate a new phone number specifically to accept incoming calls from tenants.

We Answer Incoming Calls

Our team of virtual receptionists will accepts calls made to your phone number. If you're unavailable or it's after business hours, then we'll forward the calls to the appropriate place with your supervision.

Calls Are Forwarded

After we accept an incoming call and have helped the tenant, we'll write down their details and information and forward them to you.

You Won't Miss Important Phone Calls Again

OmniCall Receptionist's team is here to help you stay focused on building real estate projects and saving yourself the time and stress of worrying about missing important phone calls. We're available 24/7, and our virtual receptionist services cost as low as $155 a month. With OmniCall, you'll increase the advantages of your real estate business through the exceptional customer service, kindness, and warmth we offer. Benefit from our services in the following ways:

Make an Outstanding First Impression

Make the right first impression on all your real estate development clients, buyers, and sellers with our live phone answering services. Your clients will be greeted by our friendly, courteous receptionists who will act as representatives for your business. They are trained to put your clients as ease and know how to ask the right questions.

Emergency Message Handling

By working with us, you'll have the opportunity to let us know about your requirements for classifying a call as high priority or an emergency. Our virtual receptionists will know exactly when to request emergency help or immediately reach out to one of your staff with details regarding the call. Top priority calls are handled with utmost care and swiftness.

Simple Call Forwarding

When your customers call your construction business after hours, their calls are forwarded to our 24/7 virtual receptionist team. They'll answer phone calls the same way an in-house receptionist would. You get complete control with how often you'd like phone calls to be forwarded to our team. We can handle calls during and after business hours so you'll never miss another call again.

Fantastic Customer Service

Our virtual receptionist team will learn about your business hours, address, location information, and employee extension numbers. When tenants call your staff, our virtual receptionists will be prepared to answer any basic question with ease. There's no need to spend a fortune on a whole in-house team or spend much of your day answering frequently asked questions when you have a qualified virtual receptionist team to help you any time of the day.

Quick Appointment Scheduling

When your clients need to schedule an appointment with your business, they will speak to virtual receptionists who understand how to use various scheduling tools and programs. Scheduling appointments with clients to have their problems fixed is quick, efficient, and simple. You provide us your hours of operation, and we'll work within your schedule. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated.

Our Virtual Receptionists Are Easily Trained

If you were to go with an in-house receptionist instead, you'd need to get them up to speed on every important aspect of your real estate development firm from branding to appropriate conduct. Our virtual receptionists can learn about your firm quickly and provide the same level of quality service for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house. You'll have more time and resources to focus on growing your firm and keeping clients instead of losing them.

Grow Your Real Estate Development Company Now with OmniCall!

OmniCall Receptionist provides exceptional customer service for real estate development firms. We've saved many of our clients money with our affordable plans starting at $155 a month. Try us for 30 days, and if you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll give you a refund no questions asked!