Stacked up against the competition, OmniCall Receptionist's live answering service beats out Ruby Receptionists and Lex Reception across the board.

Answering Service Industry Pioneers

With so many receptionist services competing for your business out there, we know that finding the right live operators for the job can be tricky. Clever marketing schemes, flashy websites and large advertising budgets have made it easier than ever for overrated companies selling subpar products falsely assume the title of ?industry leaders?.

We believe you deserve better.

Three receptionist service providers, OmniCall Receptionist, Ruby Receptionists and Lex Reception, were evaluated against each other six categories: monthly cost, availability, money back guarantee, custom accounts, appointments and experience. OmniCall led the pack in all categories.

Monthly Cost

On average, most companies using an?answering service need between 100 and 200 minutes per month.

Over all others, OmniCall Receptionists offers the best monthly value?at $155 per 100 minutes,

That same 100 minutes will cost you twice as much from Ruby Receptionists, at $259 month.


The beauty of outsourcing to a live receptionist is knowing that your customers will always be able to reach you.

Monthly plans from both OmniCall and Lex Reception include 24/7 service, including holidays. However, the comparable monthly plan from Ruby Receptionists only fields calls for 16 hours during the week and 12 hours on the weekend.

Money Back Guarantee

A good sign that a company that stands behind its product is in their money back guarantee.

OmniCall's 30-Day Money Back Guarantee gives customers 9 more risk-free days to evaluate their services than the 21-Day guarantee offered by Ruby. Lex Reception , if they provide one at all, doesn't advertise service guarantees.

Custom Accounts

No two companies are the same- so why would anyone expect their needs to be?

Plans from both OmniCall and Lex are fully customizable, giving clients flexibility and freedom, while also ensuring they won't ever pay for features they don't need or use.

Ruby does not offer any customization.


Why hire a novice when you can hire an expert for less?

The most valuable lessons learned in life are learned through our experiences- and the same can be said in terms of business.

Since answering their first call in 1989, OmniCall Receptionists have been raising the bar in receptionist services for over 27 years. That's almost twice as much experience as Ruby and Lex combined!