Attorneys typically invest a good chunk of change in advertising, which in return has their phones ringing off the hook. The problem? These calls can come at any time of the day. Here's what our attorney clients recommend NOT doing when trying to handle your own customer service.


1. They didn't know who was calling, so they stopped answering

Let's say you forward your office phone to your cell after-hours. Great idea in theory, right? The issue our clients faced was that they were receiving ALL calls, not just new client intakes. Therefore, they stopped picking up the phone all together.


Unfortunately, this means you're missing calls from potential clients, who will more than likely hang up and dial the next Attorney in their Google search.


Using an answering service to screen your calls gives you the ability to set parameters on the type of calls you want to be contacted on versus the calls you simply want to leave a message.


2. They figured their voicemail or an automated system would be sufficient

There have been countless studies showing that callers will not leave a voicemail. Why would they? Leaving a message about their private legal matter is, no doubt, intimidating. Our law firm clients discovered they were losing as much as two-thirds of their potential clientele because they didn't have a live human being answering those calls.


People want instant gratification and they almost expect it when dealing with the legal industry. Having a professional, friendly virtual receptionist answering your phone calls when you aren't available can save those leads and put more money in your pocket.


3. They went with a basic service

Most of our attorney clients came to the realization that they needed a live service answering their calls, but they went with the cheapest option they could find.


The problem with basic answering services is that they only offer basic scripting for your account. Therefore, you get the same questions and contacting methods as the next business. Your law firm is unique, shouldn't your answering service reflect that? Here you can find business headshots san diego.


It's important to choose a service that's fully customized to fit your specific law firm. Simply taking messages from every caller isn't good enough. From the greeting given when they answer, to when and who they contact for certain types of calls – you deserve a service that is tailored to your priorities and suggestions.



How can you avoid these mistakes?

Take the advice from our current attorney clients: Hire our OmniCall Receptionists Service. We guarantee, you won't be disappointed and you will never miss another call.