The stats don't lie: 65% of customers would prefer to contact a company by phone and 75% of those customers want help within the first 5 minutes. How does a busy small business owner juggle the art of customer service?


  1. Let your voicemail pick up, providing a customer service rating of ?meh?
  2. Hire a full-time receptionist, costing a good chunk of your bottom dollar and still only providing basic customer service
  3. Capture their full attention with your 100% human Virtual Receptionist Service?


It's all about authentic, real, and professional customer service when it comes to first and lasting impressions ? You wouldn't trust just anyone to do the job.


Our OmniCall Receptionists become an extension of your business; they're highly skilled and professionally trained to represent your company.

3 Ways Virtual Answering Services Can Skyrocket Your Customer Interactions.


In today's world of service, every customer desires instant gratification and help with their questions or issues. What happens if someone calls and there's no answer? Or worse, a bad experience ? where will they go? Straight to your competition.


When searching for the best virtual answering service, be sure they check off these three key skills to engage with every caller, every time.

Customized Scripting


From the initial greeting, to contact info on each of your staff members, to the intake questions you desire ? make sure your virtual answering service allows you to fully customize your account so that your virtual receptionists act and sound as if they're sitting in the office with you.

Actively Listening


We practice these tips to ensure our receptionists are actively listening to your caller to deliver the best results:


  1. Focus. Don't jump ahead of the caller; listen to them as they're saying it
  2. Confirm: Repeat back details to assure the caller you are here to help
  3. Verify: Spelling seems insignificant but it is crucial for your receptionist to verify names and phone numbers so that you have accurate information when contacting.
  4. Empathize: Acknowledge the fact that they're upset to set the tone and calm angry callers.
  5. Help: Resolve the issues to the best of their ability and deliver satisfaction.


Stay Efficient but Effective


Time is money. It's important for your virtual answering service to maintain a lasting impression during the phone call but to also maintain control of the call. A few ways to accomplish this:

  • Provide targeted questions ? If your receptionist knows the person calling is wanting pricing information, they can ask questions 1, 2, and 3 and efficiently complete the intake call. Then they are able to relay the information to you to respond at your convenience.
  • Ongoing training ? Make sure your virtual answering service provides continuous training with their receptionists so they never miss an update or special on your account.
  • Patience is key ? There's no way around it, angry customers are going to call. Your receptionists should be able to take control of that call, calm the customer, and offer a solution. Check here This requires a great deal of patience and is a skill only a high-end virtual answering service will perfect.

As you can see, great customer service doesn't just happen.


When searching for the right virtual answering service, there's a great deal to keep in mind maid easy az. Or…you can just call OmniCall!


From the first ?hello? to 'thank you, Mr. Smith. Have a great day.?, the receptionists representing your business are a major point of contact. It's about making those lasting impressions from a personable, friendly phone call ? and our OmniCall Receptionists can do just that. We've been at it for over 30 years now!


Give us a call or try us for free. We promise, you won't be disappointed. More importantly, your callers will never be disappointed.