Finding the right receptionist can become a very overwhelming task. The perfect person may add enormous value to the team but before you start announcing you’re hiring, consider these precautions:

COSTVirtual Receptionist piggy bank savings, call receptionist company money

In-House: Not only do you need to consider their salary, (which depending on where you are located could start around $30,000 a year) but you have to also think about paid time off, benefits, employment taxes, insurance…the list goes on! Yikes!

OmniCall: Our plans start at just $50 a month and even include 24/7 service – I’d say that’s a win for virtual receptionists.



In-House: We’ll make this plain and simple. Do you have a dedicated Training Department to train your new receptionist on phone etiquette and your company?

OmniCall: All of our new receptionists attend a 2-week Training Period where they are taught proper phrasing, grammar, tone, and hospitality. Not to mention the on-going one-on-one training about your account in particular.



In-House: I mean this one’s pretty obvious – You can’t hire someone to be available to answer your phones all day, everyday. Between sickness, vacations, and LIFE, your receptionist is bound to be out a few days.

OmniCall: When we say we will never miss a call, we aren’t joshing you. Missed calls equal missed opportunities. That’s not good for business! We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…especially holidays.


Pitch of the Day: Well let’s be honest, the whole blog was a pitch! But can you really blame us for wanting to help you and your business thrive??? Give us a call if you are considering hiring a receptionist.