In today's instant-gratification world, if you're not responding to leads fast, you're losing business. Maybe you already know this, but can't seem to figure out a way to respond to these leads outside of your normal 8am-5pm business hours? This is where we come in: The 24-hour Answering Service, or as we like to call ourselves, Virtual Receptionists.



It's all about time. According to research, leads turn cold in a hurry. Companies that connected with potential clients within the hour are 7 times more likely to close the deal. Imagine the success rate if you responded in real time??? It would for sure set you apart from the competition: Only 37% of businesses will respond to a lead within an hour.

Unfortunately, most businesses are not equipped to answer or call them back instantly. Unless you're running a special staff for 24-hour shifts, chances are you're in the same boat. Good news! With a 24-hour Answering Service, you'll be able to redirect those calls and ensure that your potential clients are contacted. Now that you've freed up all that time, you can focus on more important tasks – such as running your business.



Businesses that invest in the low monthly price of a 24-hour answering service know how to take advantage of specific scripting. This allows you to customize if and when you are contacted for a new lead.

Yes all leads are important, but not all are required an immediate call back. For this reason, your Contacting Method is tailored for your specific business, and even individual staff members. Your virtual receptionists will follow whatever protocol you set in place but here are a few contacting examples to help you better understand:

  • Connecting Pricing Calls: Your virtual receptionist would place the caller on hold, contact whomever is listed for Pricing Information, and connect the caller to them.
  • Texting for General Messages: If the caller is reaching out for your address or other basic information listed in your scripting, the virtual receptionist would relay the information to the caller, and then text you the message. Ex: ?She needed to know your hours of operation on the weekend. She did not request a call back.?
  • Daily Email Summary: Some companies prefer to hold all after-hour calls, and have an email summary containing all of their messages when they come into work the next morning.


Real People

Studies have shown time and time again – People want to connect with a human being. Voicemail isn't only cheap, it's also ineffective. A phone call is almost always your company's first impression; sending your callers to a voicemail is leaving a bad one. With a 24-hour answering service, you're guaranteed that your callers will reach a live, friendly person without the cost of hiring someone in-house.



Communication is key when it comes to building a successful business relationship; your 24-hour answering service will do just that and more. Stop leaving potential leads out in the cold simply because you are human and can't answer every call, every time. Leave it up to the professionals, and watch the dollar signs add up.

Sound like a good fit for you? Check out our OmniCall Virtual Receptionist Service! We'd be honored to serve you and your staff.