Taking advantage of a 24/7 Receptionist Service can offer several benefits for your business. For one, your customer service is going to skyrocket which potentially leads to more business, which equals more money. What other ways do 24/7 receptionists help? Read on to find out!


Problem Solving.

Not only do 24-hour receptionists give you the peace of mind knowing every call will be answered, they also solve a multitude of issues as a business owner:

  • Human Resources: With 24-hour receptionists, you no longer need to worry about your secretary being out for sick days, vacations, or even breaks. You’ll have an entire team of receptionists ready to back you up. You will never be understaffed, or stressed, again.
  • Calls After 5pm: Let's face it – no one leaves voicemails anymore. It's likely a very high percentage of callers just hang up when they reach one. But with 24-hour receptionists, you will always have a live, friendly voice there to answer the call no matter the time of day (or night). No more paying extra for staff to be on-call!
  • Super Busy Times: Sometimes you may experience a rush of incoming calls; your secretary may be handling a customer when the phone rings. This is where Roll Over Calls come into play. After so many rings on your end, the call will then roll over to your 24-hour receptionists, who will answer the call just as if they were sitting in the office with you.

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Unless you hire extra staff members to work rotating shifts, you simply can't be available to your clients 24/7. However, with a 24-hour Receptionist Service such as OmniCall, you can. We take pride in becoming an extension of your business, and we vow to always provide top-notch customer service for your callers. Every call is an opportunity…Make it count with our OmniCall Receptionist Service.

To learn more about how we can best assist your business, contact us today!