With the age of technology upon us, true customer service is flying out the door. Whether your business has been around for many years, or you’re just started out, the statistics below may shock you as to why customer service is more important than ever.

Business owners are quickly realizing the struggle with competing on price. Anyone can search the web and find a better deal. However, after dealing with the cheaper company, it’s better to pay more for the better experience. Research shows customers will actually spend more for more quality customer service.



To put things into even further perspective, those 4% are very likely to post negative reviews on the web instead of directly contacting you with their concerns. How can you solve a problem if you never hear about it in the first place? By reaching out to your customers and asking for their feedback. Businesses have just a slight moment to respond and resolve an issue with an irate customer; provide them with options quickly and you will have a better chance of keeping them before they leave you for a competitor.



Let’s get down to the brass tacks: Your customer service reps are the face of your business. It’s important to hire personnel whose sole mission is helping people. Stressing to them to go above and beyond is a sure fire way to develop not only happy customers, but customers who stay with you.



Building relationships with your customers is crucial. Ensuring that they stay loyal is a must. Try strategies such as checking in periodically, send a handwritten notecard every once in a while, or even send over resources about your product or service. Make sure your customers know how much you appreciate their business.



Come on, we’ve all been through the never-ending phone tree of our tv provider only to be transferred to the wrong person and have to start all over. It’s frustrating. Is this what your callers are experiencing? Even with technology becoming the norm, research shows your customers still want to speak to a live person. Sending callers to a voicemail or automated service may send them to the competition. This is where we come in. Consider hiring a virtual receptionist company such as OmniCall to ensure every call is answered by a live, friendly person ready to assist them.

So, what does this mean for your business? It’s time to start investing in better customer service. On a positive note, these are all things that can be changed easily and the rewards will continue for ages to come.