When a new employee arrives at the office, not everything has to be paperwork, meet the other employees, tour the office to see the facilities or read the vision of the company. All this is necessary, but it is also essential to make the new employee feel welcome, comfortable and at home.

We saw in a previous article that the advantages of keeping employees happy and in a healthy environment are innumerable for the benefit of our company.

If we follow these simple steps to give an excellent first impression to the employees who have just arrived, it will be beneficial for our company because it will increase their loyalty and result in greater retention of workers.



The simple fact of having a welcome strategy can increase the chances of employee retention by 25% and improve their performance by 11 %.

Here are some points to follow before the arrival of the new employee and during his first days:
  • Preparation before arrival day. Have the necessary documents to sign the first day of work or know what place the new employee will occupy, for example.
  • Introduction to the tools that are used to explain what exactly your job will consist of and where you have the necessary tools to perform your tasks and how they work if you do not already know it.
  • Orientation in the office. Show you the office and common areas.
  • Meet the team . See point 2: organize a small welcome event.
  • Evaluate the employee’s experience once the welcome is completed and follow up during the next months.


If it is not an employee with a very relevant position, let the rest of colleagues organize a small welcome event.

Receiving the new partner in a relaxed and relaxed environment will help you integrate and see the team with good eyes. Please do not see it as a waste of time and productivity. The truth is that it will be a great investment.



Reaching a new job can be stressful in and of itself. And even more, if you do not know anyone in the new company.

Although the new employee knows how to perform his tasks, it is a good idea to assign a tutor or companion to accompany him or who is simply by his side for any questions or questions that may arise.

Thus, the new employee will feel supported, and the person who receives this mission will feel important. He must be an empathetic and kind person who helps him to integrate easily.



It is important that the employee loses the initial embarrassment that he may have and feel part of the group.

Encourage him to participate and to organize fun activities and in the meetings do not forget to ask him what he thinks and listen to what he has to say. Each time there is an activity planned to encourage cooperation between the team, assign a role or task to play and make it feel valued.

In this way, both you and the rest of the team will get to know him better little by little, and he will feel integrated and valued.



Experts recommend maintaining close contact with employees and ensuring they have the necessary tools to work in an optimal environment.

Keep in mind that everyone needs a period of adaptation and that is why you have to do an evaluation every 15 days during the first months, to see how the new employee performs and to know their doubts, concerns or concerns.

Do not hesitate to invest time for the new employee to feel part of the group and happy on his first day at the company, as well as throughout his stay.


With a little empathy and common sense, following these simple steps that we have discussed today will help you increase happiness in the company and productivity. Do you have other ideas when it comes to receiving a new employee? Participate by leaving a comment!