If you're in the legal field and haven't looked into hiring a virtual receptionist service, maybe this quick article will open your mind to the benefits. ?If you're an attorney and you don't have OmniCall, you are missing potential clients. Period.? So, why do lawyers love our live receptionists?


We're here to make you look good.

Our receptionists are professionally trained, kind, and courteous. We don't just handle the calls for your law firm; we offer top-notch customer service that makes great first impressions for your business. The best part is, your callers will never realize they're speaking with an outside firm – We're THAT good at sounding as if we're in office with you.


Attorney Answering ServiceYou will never miss another call.

You're busy – In court, meeting with clients, drafting a brief…How do you manage to catch every call? This is where we come in! Not to mention we're available 24/7, so you're clients will never reach a voicemail no matter the time of day. 82% of callers will hang up if they don't reach a live person. Stop losing money; take advantage of our OmniCall Receptionists.

Forward at your convenience.

Talk about peace of mind! It's like having a full time in-house receptionist, but for a fraction of the cost. You can forward your phone lines over to our OmniCall Receptionists whenever you need us. We can transfer calls to your cell phone, home phone, any phone – or you can customize your account to have us text all of your calls; that way, you're able to respond on your own time. The options are endless.


Our OmniCall Receptionists offer such great benefits for any type of business, but attorneys are falling more and more in love with the service for obvious reasons. If you'd like to take OmniCall for a spin, try us free for 30 days and experience it for yourself. We'll represent you well!