You can't stop it; bad customer service is lurking around every corner. So why aren't more businesses taking advantage of this downfall within their competitors and upping their game to stand out? We'll never know.

However, if YOU are willing to rise above the rest, our OmniCall Receptionists are here to help. And to get started, here are some horrid customer service statistics to put things into perspective.


Bad Entrepreneur Customer Service


Ouch. All that time spent acquiring your customer is out the window if you don't provide stellar experiences for them afterwards, and this is especially important for your callers. First impressions are everything, but repeat business is what keeps you going. Good thing we're excellent for both!


virtual receptionist customer service fact #2


A follow up to that is 52% want personalized communication. Did you know we can establish a database on your account so that when a repeat caller calls in, it pops up their name? Therefore, our receptionist can answer ?Hi John, what can I help you with today?? Talk about personalized service!


bad customer service fact #3


What's more consistent than 24/7 availability? When you’re?able to offer a live, friendly voice at 3am, it really sets you apart from the competition.


bad customer service fact #4


Phone trees and automated systems are for the birds! Nobody wants to deal with them anymore; they want a live person to help them solve their issue. With OmniCall, you can provide just that and more.


final bad customer service fact for businesses


Managing phone calls is one of the hardest things for business owners. Allow us to help. Whether you already have a receptionist, or you're doing it all, we can assist you in many different ways.


Large or small, customer service issues can be a hassle for your business. However, after seeing the stats above, there's no avoiding it: customer service must be top priority. By simply allowing them to be heard and to feel valued, you gain a customer for life.


For more information on how our OmniCall Receptionists can provide this outstanding customer service, visit our How It Works page!