When part of the concept of cost-benefit, when choosing the best phone plan for your company, the question arises whether it is worth investing in the change of conventional plans to a digital VoIP.

The point is that, many times, a cheap product can come out more expensive in the end, and end up leaving distrustful entrepreneurs if something with a higher value in the invoice will be ideal for your company and if it will not bring problems in your sales or with the relationship with its customers, employees or suppliers.

Actually, there was a time when the transmission was not so reliable since the quality of the Internet left to be desired, and the VoIP ended up not helping much. Currently, with the broadband connection expanding and remaining accessible to practically all places, VoIP is opening space once again, and becoming a very profitable tool among companies.


Why have a good communication channel?

Companies need an agile and quality means of communication to guarantee the best service to their clients. Companies that do not care about having a good relationship with their customers end up having difficulties to stay in the market even more in a new technological world in which the claims are not restricted only to the internal SAC of each company, but instead they expand through social networks and sites specialized in the subject

Everyone wants a quick response, whether it’s a question about a product or service, a complaint or a position about a certain job. Also to guarantee the quality of the services, it is necessary to have an optimal integration with the team, keeping everyone informed and connected.

In addition, with the competition in the increasingly strong market, you have to have several strategies for your company to stay ahead and have the possibility of expanding your business, even to other countries.

It is there that small and medium-sized companies stop expanding their services for fear of not being able to sustain expensive means of communication, as is the case with telephone accounts.


Discovering the VoIP system

The VoIP system, Voice Over Internet Protocol in English or the translation to Portuguese Voice over internet protocol, explained more thoroughly, is the possibility of transmitting your voice and other information through the internet.

And making it even more explicit, it is able to make calls from the computer, or from any other mobile device connected to the Internet, to any part of the country and the world, with a very low cost and without risk of unexpected charges, which usually appear in the conventional telephone bills.

In addition, the installation is much easier, because it is done directly from the server, with a fairly simple configuration, and with scalability, to include or exclude extensions, according to the needs of the company.


Costs reduction

Thinking about costs, a cloud-based system has many more advantages than a conventional system. This, because all the costs in connections are focused on a single one, which represents savings of up to 70%, both local and international.

Companies that need a large number of extensions need to support a complex structure of cables and PABX devices that occupy a lot of space and require constant maintenance. With cloud connection technology, that space is limited to a computer connected to the Internet.

This cost reduction includes travel, which can be done less frequently, since from a connection system through the Internet it is possible to connect with customers and other collaborators through videoconferences with quality assurance in image and sound.


Greater control of expenses

It is much better to manage the expenses of the company when you know the value of them. Telephone bills have the disadvantage of a different cost each month, and many times, more than expected.

With VoIP, that cost is restricted to the contract signed, that is, making local or international calls will represent the same value at the end of the month.

This helps a lot in the general control of expenses and brings more benefits to the company, which will have more freedom to invest in other sectors.


Many benefits

The benefits of cloud-based telephony are not restricted to costs alone. The list of advantages extends to the integration of other care systems, such as the creation of URA (Audible Response Unit), which offers a menu of options to the client and automatically redirects it to the desired extension.

Continuing with the advantages of attention, the system has personalized greetings, call waiting, transfer of calls, among others that guarantee your connections.

As for the internal benefits, in addition to interconnecting the conference team that gathers up to three lines at the same time and the conference room with up to ten participants, there is more effective control of calls, with history and reports of calls made, received and lost.

This is just a summary of the complete list of solutions ( complete list of solutions ) that a VoIP telephony system represents for your company, whether small, medium or large. Have more benefits for your company with a cloud-based phone system.