In the business world, the way you answer your calls can set the tone for your entire first impression and customer experience. Lucky for you, our OmniCall Receptionists are pros at customer service; they do have plenty of practice! Through our 28+ years of call handling, we've come to learn the best and worst answers to commonly asked questions. Here's a few we want to share with you!


Is so-and-so available?

Obviously the caller is asking if this person will talk to them at that moment. Sure, you may know they are in the office but that doesn't necessarily mean they want to take that call. Rather than answering with a yes or no or I?m not sure, try using something similar to I can see if she's available, may I ask who's calling? Now, you've screened the call to see who's calling and you can ask 'so-and-so? if they would like the call connected to them or not. If not, you can politely let the caller know and possibly get the message: I apologize, so-and-so is away from the phone at the moment but I'd be happy to take a message. May I let her know what the call is regarding?


When will he return my call?

Unless you know everyone's personal schedule by heart or you have a magic crystal ball hidden in your drawer, this type of question can sometimes throw you a curve ball. Here's a great way to reply: I?m unsure of his schedule myself, but I will be glad to let him know you've called. What is the best number for him to return your call? This way you're not promising your co-worker will return the call, but you've put that caller at ease knowing they won't go unheard!


Great stock answers to keep in mind

Even the best of receptionists can be asked questions that they're unsure how to answer. You can still sound confident and helpful with these solid responses:

Let me find out for you.

I'd be happy to look into that for you.

So-and-so handles this; Let me see if he/she is available for you.

So-and-so is unavailable at the moment but I'd be happy to let them know you called. May I have your telephone number?


Remember: Confidence is key! If you're unsure of the answer, always throw in a I'd be happy to and you will instantly enhance your customer experience.


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