Back to school means it's time for parent teacher conferences, afternoon practices, and the end of summer relaxation, but this doesn't have to be a battle between work and play! Bringing the mobility and freedom of summer into the fall months is not so easy to do with your phone ringing off the hook. Don't sacrifice your family time during these busy months. Let your virtual receptionist handle it, with Call Screening!

Why do you need us?

We aren't your traditional answering service. When you become a part of the OmniCall family, your account is built just for you. We will answer, handle, and sort your calls however best suits you. This includes call screening?for those numbers you know you don't want to hear from?as well as a completely customized account script for each type of call.

How will call screening change my business?

With personalized accounts for every client, we can provide the exact same customer service to your customers as you do while in the office. The biggest difference is, we screen your calls for you! This means you don't have to pick up the phone for:


-Automated recordings

-Wrong number calls

With Robocalls and solicitors sending out over 5 billion calls per month, forwarding your business lines to your cell phone has become increasingly frustrating, but you don't want to miss that huge money-making call just because you aren't in the office! Our call screening can block the telemarketers and solicitors from ever ringing your phone, while still getting you the calls that are important to you. No matter where you are, no matter when.


How it works:

OmniCall Virtual Receptionists are trained based on your specific requests. You just tell us what calls you want to receive, which ones you don't, and how you'd like to get them; we take care of the rest! We are here 24 -hours a day, whenever you need us. Just forward us your lines, and you'll have the flexibility of going and doing whatever your heart desires knowing your calls are being handled by the confident and capable OmniCall Virtual Receptionists.

To learn more about how we can help you avoid these frustrating calls and bring your summer freedom into fall, contact us today.