Just as our OmniCall Receptionists can become ANY type of Receptionist for your business, we can also take any type of call. We become a true extension of your company; here are just a few of the types of calls we can manage for you.


The Basic.

If you need someone to catch those calls for you and take down generic information such as name, phone number, and what the message is regarding – we got you covered.


The Custom.

Your OmniCall account can be as custom as you prefer – we can ask as many questions as you need in order to gather enough information to contact the caller and be fully ready to assist them.


OmniCall ReceptionistsThe Scheduler.

Did you know we can access your scheduling program and make appointments for you? If you don't have a program, you can use ours! We can let your callers know dates and times you have open, schedule their appointment and send you a text, and more.


The All-Encompassing.

We can pretty much handle your calls however you want – throw it at us and we'll give you top notch customer service in the process. For example, we can actually GIVE OUT information such as pricing, directions to your facility, your staff member's extensions; it's all up to you.


And More.

Did we mention we're available 24/7? Our OmniCall Receptionists are a FRACTION of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist and we can do more by being able to catch ALL calls. Think about it – you'll never miss another call.


Sound like we'd make a great fit? Contact us today to get started! We'd be honored to represent your company.