We are what we eat. This phrase clearly reflects that our cells grow and are made up of the foods we eat. If we eat healthily, our body will work better. If we eat badly, our body will suffer from weakness. Our brain too.

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, with his phrase “Let your medicine be your food, and your food your medicine” has already indicated that it is important to have a healthy diet and eat healthy foods. In this way, what we eat is the key to physical and mental health.



For our mind, it is also necessary to eat well, because the cells of the brain, the neurons, are more active than any other in our body, and require more energy. The necessary nutrients must be supplied daily to the brain to function properly, and in the right amounts, without committing excesses.

If the brain is well fed and does not lack anything, it will yield more, and it will be noticed in our daily productivity. Eating well and resting properly is essential to think clearly and be more creative and productive in our daily work.



Fast food and junk food are not good for our bodies, neither for our body nor for our mind. Therefore, if we want to give the best of ourselves, we should avoid it and focus on other food groups that are healthy.

Junk food contains many sugars, salts, and processed fats that create in the brain an effect similar to that of drugs, but which is suspected that in the long run can cause damage to it, affecting the cognitive abilities of people. In this way, fast food or junk can damage concentration, learning, and memory.

An excess of sugars in the diet immediately causes a lot of activation and energy, but it is only momentary. To compensate for excess glucose, the body has its own means, so it generates insulin to eliminate so much sugar, and this leaves the brain at a minimum. A decrease in concentration is noted, and the difficulty in thinking increases.



There are foods that favor neuronal connections, and in this way, help to feel mentally more active and faster. Nothing better to be productive than to eat fresh products and eat a balanced diet. The best food consists of taking fruits, vegetables and natural products, free of preservatives, dyes, and additives.

The fruit is a portion of excellent food, and it provides energy that the body breaks down little by little, being in this way a source of glucose that feeds the brain over time. In addition, they are very easy to eat anywhere and even to work, such as an apple or a banana to eat mid-morning.

Eggs are essential in the diet. One of its components, the hill, is known to favor intellectual capacity by helping neural connections. Fish rich in omega 3 have multiple benefits, helping the brain to stay active and positive. Vegetables, cereals, legumes and some meat should also be the basis of any diet.



It has always been said that five daily meals should be made. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and then you must eat something mid-morning, continue at lunch, snack and dinner.

Even if you have a lot of work and are very busy, it is important not to forget to make any of these meals, because our mind will feel better and we will notice it. Find here more about Fit Athletic Club. Our memory will be improved and without the need to take any vitamin complex or extra medicine.



No matter how hard you work, no matter how much you travel or because you have many tasks to do, it is important not to forget that in order to perform mentally it is necessary to eat correctly and five times a day, check out www.hireamaid.ca for more info. This behavior helps our mental aptitudes to be maintained correctly, and although the food that makes us smarter is not known, it is known that a good diet allows us to be more productive and that time be used more and better. Have you already thought that you are going to eat today?