Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular these days. However, startups are kind of known for having inconsistent customer service – which is understandable considering all they are going through while growing their business. It may sound absurd, but there are a few areas in which entrepreneurs could learn from Virtual Receptionists.



It takes quite a bit of patience to be polite when a caller is irate and yelling profusely. Same with entrepreneurs; you will have to deal with angry employees, investors, etc. Be patient, and remember to keep a calm demeanor to save your company's image.


Virtual ReceptionistsSmile

If you've ever spoken with one of our OmniCall Virtual Receptionists, you've probably noticed how they always sound so pleasant and kind. This is because we tell them to smile. That's it – Just smile! When you smile while taking phone calls, you immediately give a better first impression for your business, as well as remain positive during those harsh calls.


This is probably one of the best qualities of a Virtual Receptionists – their ability to put themselves in the shoes of their caller and portray empathy for them. Being empathetic towards your employees or business partners lets them know you understand how they want to be treated and you become more valuable as a leader.


Offer Solutions

Virtual Receptionists are required to be helpful to their callers and to try their best to solve their issues without having to bring someone to the line. Creating a Customer Relations Team to assist your customers when they call can be a game changer in your business. Even if it may take a day or two to figure out the problem, letting them know you are working on it reassures them just enough to keep from getting agitated.



This one speaks for itself. Virtual Receptionists must keep well-organized so that they are better able to remember even the smallest of details when it comes to each business we service. Entrepreneurs must do the same, so that they are able to provide top-notch customer service.


There are many similarities between Virtual Receptionists and entrepreneurs. Both can learn from the other but most importantly, our OmniCall Receptionists are here to assist business owners in these areas. If you're ready to give your clients the best customer service, contact us today. We would be honored to represent your business.