It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Eh, not so much for small business owners. Between the traveling, budgeting and planning for next year, gift-giving, all while trying to seamlessly run your business, things can become a bit hectic. Luckily for you, our receptionists magically turn into little elves ready to help you through the holidays!

We keep you uninterrupted. Plan out next year's budget numbers and action plans without being interrupted by incoming calls. We'll take those calls for you and immediately shoot you a text or email, so you can respond if necessary or keep your head down and work through it!

Go, Go, Go! Forgot Aunt May's gift this year? No big deal! Make those last minute shopping trips without missing a beat; we can easily connect your calls directly to your cell phone. If you're too busy fighting off fellow shoppers for that last pumpkin pie, we can take a message and send it over.

Work From Home. Maybe you'd rather sit by the warm fire at home instead of tracking through the 3 inches of snow outside your door (Southern joke). Are the kids out of school for winter break? Spend some time with family and work from home! Visit We'll transfer your calls to your home number and your callers will never know the difference.

We haven't even mentioned the influx of calls that come in during the holidays; we can help with those too by setting you up for Call Forward No Answer – After so many rings, the calls roll over to our jolly elves, I mean receptionists, and they handle the customer from there.

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed about the upcoming holidays, please give us a ring. Our Virtual Receptionist Service would be glad to assist you and your staff, and make sure you truly experience the most wonderful time of the year!