Weather can sometimes make or break your business; often times snow days can even keep you from getting to the office. This is where a virtual receptionist service, such as OmniCall, becomes VERY beneficial!

Rather than facing dangerous weather to get to the office to ensure you aren't missing leads, just forward your phone lines and let the virtual receptionists handle the rest.

How is OmniCall able to take these calls for you regardless of the weather?

We are ALWAYS open

No matter your time zone, we will always have receptionists here to answer for you. We're here every holiday and through any bad weather that may occur. All of our receptionists are located in-house, and we have Inclement Weather Procedures to make sure they get to work so that you don't have to.?

We have backups

In the case of inclement weather or power loss, we have backups in place. This means that even if the weather takes out the power in our area, we have the proper systems and generators to keep the phones up and running (and the heat going!).

The “Snowpocolypse” of 2017 – We don’t have too many snow days here in West Georgia!

We're in a safe location

We are located just west of Atlanta, Georgia in a building that is specifically designed to protect our staff 24/7. By keeping our staff safe and protected in any conditions, they will be able to provide top notch service to you and your callers on a consistent basis.

We have experience

We've been in this industry for 30+ years. We've seen it all when it comes to weather, and we are prepared on how to handle it. We have a team constantly watching weather all over the country to know what our clients may be experiencing at the time, to ensure that we stay ahead of it all and are properly staffed to handle the increase in call volume.

Snow days, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes…they're all out of our control. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing no matter what mother nature sends your way, you can still offer your clients a professional customer service experience with OmniCall.

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