What's IVR? Interactive Voice Response, also known as an automated voice system. It's a technology that allows a computer to talk to a caller. Several businesses have turned to IVR for their call-handling however, is this really as effective as people think? If you're contemplating switching to anything automated when it comes to your phone customer service, take a look at these reasons the human voice may be a better option.


Be Personal and Stand Out

With so many companies switching to automation, why not stand out from the competition and offer a real, live human being? Let's face it – most callers will stay on hold even after going through all of the automated prompts just to reach a live person.


Offer a Solution

Live receptionists have far better problem-solving skills than IVR. Yes, Artificial Intelligence has made significant improvement over the years but it can only provide information for your caller, not necessarily solve their issues. Also, if you want to make an irate caller more angry, have them talk to a robot for 30 minutes only to end the call with the same information that could've been found on your website.

OmniCall Receptionists

Build Relationships

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a live receptionist versus IVR is the ability to sound as an extension of your business. Virtual Receptionists can not only provide great customer service, but they can usually answer any questions and solve most issues without ever having to contact you. They represent your business and brand.


IVR is obviously the easier platform to go with when setting up your customer service department. On the flip side, if you want your callers to have a positive experience that will have them telling friends and family about your company, go with live receptionists.


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