It's a true miracle if you make it through the holidays in one piece. The stress of it all has become a little ridiculous… but what if you were to take this time as an opportunity to make things unbelievably easy for your customers? Here are 7 ways you can provide a jolly customer service experience during the holidays.


Always Be Available

Did you know over 82% of callers will hang up if they reach a voicemail? There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach someone, so hire some help! Just throwing it out there – OmniCall is available 24/7 and cost far less than hiring someone in-house.


Take Care of Business

In a timely manner, might we add! Actively listen to your customers and respond quickly. Your clients just want to be heard; always respond to their calls, emails, etc.


Get Personal

Customers love nothing more than seeing behind the scenes. If you have an office Christmas party, post photos to your social media. Let them see you're real human beings just like them!


Bring out the Cheer

As a business owner, the holidays are just a tough on you as they are on your customers. However, maintaining a cheerful attitude on your phone calls (and certainly in person) shows great customer service during such a stressful time.


Keep Your Word

If you promise a customer you'll call back the next day, call them back. It's just that simple. Show them they can rely on your business and they will love you forever.


Gifts Go a Long Way

Something as simple as a hand-written Christmas card for your clientele will truly make their day. Everyone loves getting snail-mail these days. Business too large? Send a mass email with a personal letter from the owner. They will respect your efforts.

Be Open on Holidays

You aren't open on Holidays? Doesn't mean your customers aren't still trying to reach you. Our OmniCall Receptionists are available every holiday to answer those calls and give peace to your customers. It could save a client or two.


Even if you're not a big fan of the holidays, providing stellar customer service during this time is crucial in setting you apart from the competitors. You can do it, we believe in you!


Need a team of Receptionist to help you through the holidays? Sign Up today for our OmniCall Receptionist Service.