When we say ?we become an extension of your business?, we mean it! We want to know your customers so well and be such a delight when they call that they honestly believe we are sitting right alongside you. There are several ways we can help your company's customer service; here are just a few:

Full-Time: If you're a small business just starting out, this is a great alternative to hiring a full-time receptionist. With OmniCall, you receive the same top-notch customer service to handle your phone calls but for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, no more human resource headaches, call outs, sick days, or even breaks. We're here for your business all day, every day.

As Needed: Ever wanted to take the whole team to lunch, only to leave someone behind to cover the phones? Not anymore! Forward your lines on over to OmniCall anytime you need, whether that be for a lunch break, quick meeting, or even after-hours. We've got you covered.

Overflow Calls: So let's say you already have a receptionist. Great! But what happens when they're handling a call and a customer walks in? Or maybe you have a busy time of the day and they're unable to handle all incoming calls at once? You never want to place someone on hold if you're able to take the call. With ?Call Forward/No Answer? technology, we can set up your line to roll over to OUR receptionists if YOUR receptionists is ever overwhelmed. This ensures your callers are always taken care of, and your receptionist keeps they're sanity.

Got questions as to which would be the best route for your business? Please give us a call! We'd love to join the team!