It's time to face the music: Voicemails just aren't cutting it anymore. Millennials won't even take the time to listen to their voicemails, much rather leave a message if they reach one. According to research, 80% of callers will hang up if they do not reach a live person. Here's how you fix this:

You Need a Live Answer.

As a business owner you always put your customer first. So, if YOU were to call a business and reach a voicemail would you leave a message and wait for someone to call back? More than likely, you'd move on to the next company. Callers are much more likely to do business if they reach a live person the first time they call.

Not Just Live, But Friendly.

Customer service is a lost art these days. You will stand out leaps and bounds if you have a friendly, professional receptionist answering your calls on the first ring. You just can't get a better first impression!

live call answering representative, remote receptionist woman, telephone receptionistYou Don't Need Voicemail After-hours Either.

Your customers have lives too, ya know – they may not be able to contact you until after 5pm. Imagine how happy they'd be to reach an actual live person and not a voicemail? You don't even have to take the call; answering that call and simply letting them know you'll be in touch will buy you time to call them the next day and still make the sale.

A Virtual Receptionist Service is the Fix.

Top-notch Virtual Receptionists, such as our OmniCall Receptionists, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to replace your impersonal voicemail. We're here to make you look good. We can handle your calls all day long, just after-hours, or as you need us – the options are endless; but the main point is your callers will never reach another voicemail and you will never miss a call.

Stop missing important phone calls just because of a voicemail machine. Just say the word and we'll be happy to help!