Did you know that a well-designed office increases productivity by 20%? And that nowadays 40% of the space in an office is wasted? In this article, we will see what the most important points that you must take into account when designing your office to increase the welfare of your employees, which will result in greater creativity and productivity are.

In September 2014, a report from the World Green Building Council concluded that there is “overwhelming evidence” between the design of the office and the health and productivity of employees. Both air quality and lighting, as well as views of natural spaces and interior design,? can affect the health, satisfaction, and productivity of workers.

In this way, we can see a clear trend in workplaces that is beginning to change and try to combine technology, efficiency and the pleasure of ‘feeling at home’ in a single space.



Lighting and energy efficiency is one of the most important points that a designer should focus on when creating a more human workspace. It is important to have good regulation of both natural and artificial light, and this is achieved by observing the biorhythms of people, the activities they perform in the company and their work schedules.

According to Phillips, optimal lighting in the office can increase productivity by 10%. Otherwise, bad lighting can cause eye fatigue, which leads to a decrease in cognitive performance, the ability to solve problems and the creative potential of employees.

In general, you should choose a place with a lot of natural light as a workplace. If there is little, try to optimize it for example by placing the work tables so that they receive the greatest possible amount of natural light. If otherwise, your office does not have natural light, you can use artificial light with LED light bulbs soft and cozy that simulate natural light and at the same time save energy, as well as place lights at strategic points. You can also use natural elements to decorate the office as plants that tolerate low light or buy office furniture that reflects light to create a lighter and more airy environment.



Do you know that each color causes a different mood and psychological effect and influences the way people think or feel at the subconscious level? Knowing this, it is possible to influence your employees by choosing the most appropriate color for your office design. However, not all colors serve to achieve a serene and relaxed atmosphere. These are the best:


The color of nature is associated with growth and promotes feelings of balance. It is the best color to encourage the creativity of your employees because it is related to the breadth of thinking and therefore more creative thoughts. So if you want your workers to be more creative, consider painting some green areas.


The “favorite color” par excellence throughout the world, the color of the sky and the sea is commonly accepted as one of the most productive colors. It is a color that makes us feel at peace and stable. However, remember that it is a color that can be cold.



The furniture must be made with natural or recycled materials, and its ergonomics must be taken into account. In the same way, the spaces where they are placed must be dynamic and adaptable to changes and the rhythm of current life. Finally, it is important that you choose furniture made with good quality materials and durable, to benefit from it for several years.


Participate in the debate and leave a comment answering our questions today: Is the design of your office or workplace important to you? What techniques do you use to encourage creativity and productivity in your company?