They say that when you want something to be done well you have to do it yourself. This philosophy of life has achieved that more than half of the time it costs double to solve the mess in which people get involved by addressing projects that are not their own. Therefore, I would answer with another popular saying: shoemaker, your shoes.

In the workplace, the same thing happens ? especially those professionals who work as freelancers or have set up an SME. His work is quite delicate and requires all his concentration and time. The problem is that the business universe is full of intermediate steps that have nothing to do with their knowledge and should make an extra effort to deal with completely unknown issues. A bad organization ends up causing losses.


Cost effective?compared to a physical one

Due to the above reasons, you have to delegate to win. But that supposes a high cost for this type of professionals: recruitment of personnel, training, expansion of space … Until now. Thanks to the online secretaries, it is not necessary to expand the workforce, buy adequate material to the job or get involved in adaptation works or search for a new larger place to accommodate all these changes.

When hiring this virtual service, you will have at your disposal an expert team of secretaries who will be responsible for all this cumbersome work for which you do not have the adequate training to carry out competently.


Best use of your time & resources

Delegation does not mean an inability to undertake tasks; It is the best way to optimize time and resources effectively and efficiently in order to raise the work with consistency. Large and multinational companies know this well enough. All of them delegate to earn more in the shortest possible time. In this way, they have a specific workforce for each aspect of their business, they create work, and they save the costs of maintaining a fixed and too numerous workforce.

The rest of the companies manage a smaller volume of business, and they are forced to fight to survive. Therefore, they must take advantage of any means at their disposal that generates added value in their productivity. Now, how do online secretaries improve business performance?


Decrease your workload

It is very simple. First, they free up time. It will no longer be necessary to be on the phone to answer all kinds of calls because the secretaries will be responsible for filtering and organizing the entrepreneur’s agenda while he is dedicated to his real role. And time released implies a greater availability of free time in which to rest so as not to exhaust the first working day of the week. This leads to the second beneficial aspect of the delegation of tasks: it increases the motivation of the workers. Exempt from performing functions other than those required by their position, they will notice an increase in tranquility and a decrease in the tensions that are involved in handling tasks unknown to them. And that encourages their partition and productivity, the third advantage.


Agility to your client service

But those virtues will not only be enjoyed by those who delegates to win. On the contrary: customers, current or potential, will also be rewarded for it. At any time you can contact us, and they will be taken care of at the moment and in an exemplary way. In addition, in case of having to modify appointments arranged for extrinsic reasons, the virtual secretaries will be responsible for changing the dates for others that are equally convenient. They can leave callback messages, allowing communication never to be lost or divert the call in case of emergency, so that specific problems can be solved in any place or circumstance. All this gathered will generate a more than positive and professional brand image, the fourth utility of this type of services.

Let’s take the example of a sick child. The smaller it is, the harder it is for parents to see it suffer. There are two options to heal it: do it yourself from home or take it to the hospital. With health, it is not played, and it is delegated to cure. Or if we find the house flooded because of a broken pipe. We delegate in the plumber to fix. We can have the best football team in the world, and we need a competent and seasoned forward to win.


The great advance of the technological media is putting services previously reserved for powerful companies in the hands of those who most need them. The work should not become an open battle on multiple fronts, but in an open competition for all. And, if we want to win it, the smartest thing is to delegate.