When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he certainly could not imagine how it would revolutionize the way we relate to each other until today! Obviously, that first phone of the nineteenth century has evolved in such a way that even now it is rare to see public booths installed on the street. Everybody carries in their pocket phone with built-in internet, unlimited calls or free messages depending on what they have hired.

With a simple click, you can buy from a plane ticket to a meal in a restaurant, book a hotel or read the mail (electronic, of course, only a few nostalgic -and the bank- use postal mail!). In a few years, we have improved our quality of life, and we have multiplied our productivity and leisure activities thanks to a simple click.

And according to a study by Google and Ipsos, an independent market research company that Google hired to understand the behavior of consumers on the call button available in organic searches and ads, the phone is still the preferred contact method among the customers after more than 140 years since its invention!



The study shows that 70% of people who have searched for information on Google have used the call button to communicate directly with a business from the search results page, and 47% say that if a business does not have a number phone associated with the results of your search, you will be more inclined to explore other brands.

So, Google shows us the importance of offering customers the call option and how it is essential to maintain a good brand image. According to the same study, 61% of people who have searched on Google confirm that calling is more important in the purchase phase than the purchase process itself. And simply by adding a call button in the results of search ads by mobile phone, the average clicks increases by 8%!



Now it has become clear to you that your clients prefer to communicate with you by phone, but let’s see why. The first reason is to ask opening hours, the second is to make an appointment or make a reservation, and the third is to ask about availability or reservation information. Read here more about San Diego Bankruptcy. These are the three main reasons why someone will decide to click on the call button and get in touch with you.

Most of these people say they prefer to call for a quick response and reach their goal, and they value being able to talk to a real person and to clarify their doubts and additional questions that the website often does not contain.

You already see that the main reasons are very simple tasks and that many times due to lack of time you can not take care of them. This can decrease your chances to get a new client or keep a loyal customer, so if you can not answer all the calls, do not leave any unanswered and consider the possibility of hiring an OmniCall service to help you with these simple chores.



If you use Google ads, optimize your campaigns to increase the conversion to phone calls. Identify keywords to use in your ad and if needed increase the price per ad to be displayed more often on mobile devices. Do you already receive many customer calls? Tell us how you have done it in the comments section!