Wondering if a virtual receptionist service would be the right fit for your business? Take this quick quiz to find out!

1)? ? ? Do you have calls ring in to your business after hours?

If Yes: You need a Virtual Receptionist! There's no telling how many potential leads you're missing if you don't have a real, live person answering these calls. A 24-hour virtual receptionist service can help!

If No: We would strongly suggest you do a little research, just to make sure you don't have after hour calls coming in. You'd be surprised at how many folks reach out at all hours of the night. Better safe than sorry!?

2)? ? ? Do you have a current receptionist?

If Yes: Even if you have a current receptionist, calls still ring in while they're on lunch, vacation, or even when they're on the other line. These calls are equally as valuable and a virtual receptionist can help fill in the gaps.

If No: Did you know a virtual receptionist can act the same as an in-house receptionist but for a fraction of the cost? Your callers will never know they're speaking with an outside firm because your they can schedule appointments, take messages, and connect calls when you're too busy to do so.

3)? ? ? Do you receive telemarketing or spam calls?

If Yes: We know how ANNOYING these can be; your virtual receptionist can actually screen Telemarketing and spam calls as they come in so that you are only contacted for the calls you deem most important.

?If No: There isn't a ?No? to this question. Everybody gets ?em.

4)? ? ? Do you have a voicemail set up for your business?

If Yes: Voicemails are on the decline and customers are unlikely to leave one for your business and wait for a callback. Not to mention, voicemails are so time consuming to listen to daily and return those calls. Instead, your callers could reach a friendly, professional virtual receptionist and you'd receive a text message with all the details to follow up.

If No: You already have a virtual receptionist in place to catch those calls? Way to go!


So, there you have it. How'd you do? There's no doubt that hiring a virtual receptionist service to assist your business would do wonders for your sanity and your wallet. If you're currently searching for one, give us a ring here at OmniCall! We would be honored to represent your business.