Because OmniCall is a family-owned business, we take pride in our employees…especially their accomplishments. So, please join us in congratulating the most recent promotions and advancements within our OmniCall staff!


Lead Receptionists

We have a few levels of management in the Call Studio. Lead Receptionists help a Supervisor manage their particular team of Receptionists. The following Receptionists promoted to Leads and we couldn't be more proud:

Katie | Katie helps manage during our daytime shifts. She's a great asset to the leadership team because of her positive attitude and stellar organizational skills.



Keri | There's no one more detailed than Keri! She does a great job of evaluating calls and making sure our service is top-notch for our customers.



Brigit | Brigit helps during that random 2nd shift time period when people are calling your business but you've already left for the day. She's the biggest cheerleader during rush times and her calm demeanor keeps our team steady.



Our OmniCall Supervisors manage a Lead Receptionist along with their team of Receptionists, but they also accomplish several other tasks throughout the day. These Leads promoted to Supervisors because of their outstanding work ethic:

Alex | Alex is the best at giving constructive criticism, something that is very hard to do! She coaches her team so that they perform to the best of their abilities.



Yovanna | Not only is Yovanna an awesome Supervisor, but she also assists in the Programming Department by reaching out to clients and helping to solve their issues. She does a great job multi-tasking.



Kaycee | Our 3rd shift Supervisor, Kaycee, rounds out our list of most recent promotions. We're pretty sure Kaycee never sleeps, but she still somehow manages to keep her 3rd shift team on top of things, creating quality customer service into the wee hours of the morning.



Our OmniCall team continues to grow and flourish; we are so thankful this team of ours is so flexible. Stay tuned for more promotions and positions in the near future!