The holidays are here! Which means Winter Break Vacations are coming up soon. This is quality time needed with your family and friends; don't waste it by constantly fielding phone calls from work! Our OmniCall Receptionists for the holidays have got you covered. Here's how:

Forward the Way You Want

Send your work phone calls to us by forwarding your lines whenever you want us to answer. For even more customization, you can forward your cell phone PLUS forward as Roll Over Calls. This means you'll get a chance to answer but if you're too busy scarfing down a slice of pecan pie, just let it go and we'll catch it for you.

Status Updates

Let us know how far in detail to keep your clients updated. For example, we can tell them you're out on vacation and will be available to take calls only from 3pm-4pm each day; or we can let them know you're away for the entire week and shoot you a text with the messages.

Daily Email Summaries

Maybe you're a bit of a control freak and can't let go completely – We get it; there's always one in a bunch. No problem! We can send over a Daily Email Summary at whatever time you would prefer with a list of all messages taken prior to that time. That way, you're able to see any important messages and give them a call back if necessary.

Did we mention we're 24/7? Spend the holiday season in peace knowing ALL of your calls are being handled while you're out of office. And don’t forget to take advantage of our Happier Holidays Savings Event going on NOW. For more information on how to sign up today, click here.