Our receptionists service a variety of companies in several different ways.? One of the more common is replacing automated services, or as we like to call them ? Robots.? People are sick of talking to robots!? Did you know 82% of callers hang up the phone if they don't reach a live person? That's money just flying out the door! So, we thought it'd be interesting to do a comparison and see which would be best for your business? customer service: Robots or Humans.



We've all been there ? ?Press 1 for billing. Press 2 for more options?? And we've probably all experienced saying our answer, but the robot fails to understand so it takes us to a totally different division than we were wanting. That's frustrating. A virtual receptionist is a live person who can interpret your questions with ease. 1 point: Virtual Receptionists. 0 points: Robots.



A live person is able to detect the tone of the caller. If they sound busy, the receptionist can manage the call to best suit their situation. However, if the busy person reaches a phone tree, they may not have the time to sit and listen to the 5 minute spill and hang up. Not good for business. 1 point: Virtual Receptionists. 0 points: Robots



Clearly, both virtual receptionists and robots are cheaper than hiring someone in house. The key differentiator is more bang for your buck. With humans, you provide a higher quality of customer service, which in turn brings in more business. I think we know the winner this round. 1 point: Virtual Receptionists. 0 points: Robots


Going the Extra Mile

A robot won't be able to offer the extra assistance a live person can, no matter how much programming is involved. Visit https://www.thedublinroofers.ie. Going above and beyond for your customers is definitely a human thing. 1 point: Virtual Receptionists. 0 points: Robots


Personable Service

Simply put, people want to do business with people. The robots can't win over a customer with a friendly greeting or casual joke about the weather. There's just no better customer service than a live person. And that just sealed the deal!

Virtual Receptionists for the Win!