February is National Time Management Month, but balancing a busy schedule is never easy. With the new year finally settling in, it can seem overwhelming…this is where we come in!

A virtual receptionist is just like hiring an in-house receptionist, but it’s a fraction of the cost. Take a look at the 3 ways your virtual receptionist service can help you save time and money.

Scheduling Appointments

Just like your front desk receptionist can schedule appointments, calls, and meetings for you, we can too! We can log into your scheduling program remotely and see your availability while on the phone with your caller. If a client needs to cancel or reschedule, we can handle that too and simply send over a text message to let you know!

live receptionist answering service employee

Connecting Callers

One of the perks of a receptionist is their ability to filter calls for you. Good news! We do the same thing. Our receptionists can transfer calls based on which department the caller needs, who they need to speak to, and anything in between. With your personalized OmniCall account, you can also provide us with business information to deliver to your callers. This gets them the answers they need fast, freeing you from the phone to continue your work.

Hourly vs. Per Minute

When you hire a receptionist, you pay them hourly, or even a set salary! However, they likely do not spend every minute of that time on the phone with your clients. With a virtual receptionist, like OmniCall, you only pay for the minutes that we spend answering your lines! Talk about saving some dollars?

No matter the size of your company or the number of staff members on your team, our OmniCall Receptionists can benefit your company while saving you time and money. Give us a call to learn more about our services or visit our pricing page to see how we can fit into your budget.