Staying current and up to date with your marketing can be difficult if you're running a small business. Let's be honest – it can be hard to do marketing at all! The good news is, contrary to popular beliefs, marketing is very affordable no matter your budget. Here are a small business marketing tips to build into your schedule.


You DO Need a Website

I know, websites are scary and you feel as though you have no idea where to start. However, using platforms such as Wix make it virtually impossible to have any excuses! Google is King, and he is checking to see if your business has a website – unfortunately, Facebook doesn't mean a thing to Google. Writing Blogs on your website is also an easy way to get your company noticed. So, get on the web!


Don't Ignore Social Media

Even if you do ignore it, social media is not going away anytime soon. Potential customers are looking for you and if they don't find you on social media, they may not fully trust you. Start simple, and work your way up to multiple platforms. Some main rules to follow are:

  • Post at least twice a week
  • Always respond to reviews, good or bad
  • Use it as a way to keep in touch with your audience, don't just sell

Another fantastic tool to try is a social media management software, such as Buffer. This keeps all your platforms in one convenient location!


Mail: Email or Postage?

If you have it in the budget, and you've decided that your audience fits the bill, direct mail may be the route to go. Mailing pieces such as specials and promotions may be a great marketing tool for your audience; just know it comes with a hefty price. If you're on a tighter budget, email can be just as effective. Using an email campaign management system, you can deliver beautiful, enticing content to your customers for a fraction of the cost. Some systems for reference would be MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, etc. Being able to track open and click rates, you can easily pinpoint the content your potential and current clients enjoy most.


Patience is key when it comes to marketing. It's all about trial and error, but soon you'll discover what works best for your business and quickly reap the benefits.