Whoever is a mother or father and also an employee knows what this means: having to reconcile family life with working life in a society that does not facilitate it ? having to hire a babysitter to pick up the children from school and be with them before to get home after work or having to use vacation days to stay at home to take care of a sick child or take him to see the doctor.

Therefore, allowing employees to take children to the office occasionally could be beneficial for them and your company. In this article, we will see why.

The employees who are parents are mainly this, parents. Any boss who thinks otherwise and only wants his employees to give what is expected of them and more without taking into account their family situation, will not allow a healthy or reconcilable environment in the office. This will possibly lead to unhappy employees and consequently resignations or several days of sick leave.

Therefore, it is important to think about creating a business culture that helps to reconcile family life with working life. Surely many employees will value it especially, and for them, it will be more attractive to have free coffee machines or foosball in the office, quite shallow benefits, as commented by Palo Alto Software CEO, Sabrina Parsons.

Parsons is a mother of 3 children, has written on the subject of taking children to the office in an article that has elicited both positive and negative comments. Even so, it defends that its employees are much happier with the flexibility that offers the fact of being able to take their children occasionally to the office, when they are not too well to go to the school or when there is no class, for example.

In fact, Parsons admits that a company that is flexible in this regard can benefit a lot from this situation. “Providing an environment where you can be loyal, work hard and be rewarded for your innovation will bring better results and more talented people to your company,” he says.

If you decide to implement this benefit for yourself and your employees in your office, you must take into account some details, including providing a space adapted for children and ensuring their safety. Let’s see what you should keep in mind:



Now it’s not about setting up a daycare center in the office, but you can simply set up a room for the children of employees who stay in the office from time to time. Surely you will be interested in keeping them quiet or playing without disturbing the employees. For that, you can provide them with a table and chairs so that they can do their homework, a play area as well as a desk, and even a comfortable sofa and television so that they can see drawings or children’s films. The room should be well ventilated and illuminated. For your safety, choose furniture that is safe, rounded and light. And make sure that the plugs are not within reach or are properly covered!



In addition to letting them do their homework or studying, you can also let your employees play with the children for a while. Find here la jolla mobile car detail. This can help them cope with work stress and recharge their batteries while having a good time and let their imagination run wild. You can do activities together like coloring mandalas, learning the steps of a dance, playing a board game … and you can even organize a Children’s Day where everyone can take the children to the office and take turns playing with them! You can also organize special activities in annual festivities, such as dressing up during Carnival or Halloween, looking for Easter eggs hidden in the office during the Easter holidays or organizing a Christmas decoration contest during Christmas.


Do you want to implement the benefit of taking the children to the office? Are you already implementing it? So let us know how it is working in your office!