Maintaining a team of constant and motivated work is not only a matter of salary but of state of mind and good companionship. A team that is happy, united and happy will yield much more than a group where there are frictions or bad relationships between their teammates, that is why more and more companies are joining the creation of events dedicated exclusively to members to meet and share fun moments and create ties for better cooperation.



Holding an annual or semi-annual event is a good idea, in fact, it is convenient. Gathering employees in a different place or simply organizing a day of activities to relieve tensions and put aside routine tasks serves to improve the work environment and, therefore, the productivity of the business.

The mood is very important, and since most people spend more time at work than at home, it is recommended that they do so in a positive and cheerful mood. If the whole team is optimistic, they will work better as an unit, and the results will be much better.



When we are animated and happy, surrounded by people that are pleasant our daily task will be much more fruitful. The motivation of people is difficult to achieve, but it is even harder to maintain. The illusion of the beginning, when you start in a new workplace, with new colleagues or a new responsibility will soon be diminished if no action is taken and effort is devoted to motivation does not decline.



There are many techniques that promote teamwork. A game that favors the collaboration of people on the team and is also fun and allows you to laugh and have fun is the game of paper airplanes. It consists of creating different equipment and supplying materials such as cardboard, markers, pencils, colored ribbons, papers, and all the stationery material that could be considered useful.

Each team has time to design a paper plane that must be the most original and capable of flying more meters. At the end of the time, they make their plane fly to see which one goes the furthest. On the other hand, all partners will vote for the design that they like, and from all this will come a winning team that will be awarded with the recognition of their colleagues and if the employer considers it appropriate, with a prize that does not have to To be too ostentatious, but something that can be appreciated by employees.

This day where they have to choose a design, agree and participate creates bonds between colleagues that during work hours is not possible to create, besides allowing to disconnect from daily work and have a fun time.



All these matrices that seek that the team is complete and try to find solutions favor the improvement of the way of working among all the partners. A team spirit is created while enjoying a different day. If this is joined by a good lunch or a nice place, the memory will last longer and be more pleasant for everyone.



Each technique and each game has an aim, and some improve the creativity of the employees, others improve the bond between them. In any case, the objective of all these games is to favor creativity, commitment, communication and, of course, collaboration among team members. The effect on the productivity of the team and the benefits for the company are directly proportional, so keeping employees happy and motivated with one of these days is a great option for any business. Do not you think it’s worth it?