Virtual Receptionist Pricing can seem intimidating and confusing; Allow us to break it down for you and show the comparison of different receptionist service pricing formats.


Per Call vs Per Minute

Charging per call may be the easier of the two to understand: if the virtual receptionist service answers 25 calls, you pay for those 25 calls. However, stay cautious of hang ups, wrong numbers, and solicitors – because even though they only took 10 seconds of talk time, you're still charged for a full call.

Per minute is just as it sounds: you will be charged a per-minute rate based on the volume of calls you take per month. With this plan it's simple, you only pay for the amount you use.


28-Day Billing vs 12 Month

Some answering services reign you in with their catchy pricing pitch of ?28-Day Billing means we only bill every 28 days.? Unfortunately, if you do the math, you will end up with 13 bills for the year. If your service is offering 12 Month Billing, you receive just one bill a month.

?Virtual Receptionist Pricing

Holiday Fees vs 24/7

If your virtual receptionist service pricing includes 24/7 service, shouldn't it include holidays? You'd be surprised – some services charge extra for national holidays. This is crucial; these are the days you're out of the office the most!


All-Inclusive vs A La Carte

Pay close attention to your invoice; does it show multiple items? This is because your service is charging you for each and every feature they offer. Texting your messages, connecting callers, blocking numbers, mobile apps…However, there are virtual receptionist services out there that send your invoice with just ONE line item – your total minute usage. Everything else is included.


So, when comparing Virtual Receptionist Services, don't be afraid to ask for specifics. Watch for hidden fees, and ensure it's the best service for your company. If you're currently searching for one, our OmniCall Receptionist Service is not only Per Minute, 12 Month, 24/7, and All-Inclusive, but our customer service level is unmatched. Learn more.